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A Dragon In Paris

Continued from Battle Between Dimensions

I wandered the rocky terrain of BlueStone for hours, until I finally found the entry to the portal.  This time, the trip was smooth and short.  Now I know how the dragons have been able to attack so many worlds.  The wormhole does not have the same disorienting effect on them; and now it doesn’t have that effect on me.

I was dumped into dimension earth in the middle of a large feild of lavender.  The aroma was relaxing, and it caused a calming sensation to permeate throughout my being.  But when I looked around, it was obvious I was far from home.  I walked for about an hour until I came to a large city.  The smell of humans overtook me.  An entire city preparing their evening meal, something I would have never noticed before.  Now, my senses became visions, and I could see deep into the cause of the aromas.

In the center of the city, rising tall over the rest of the buildings, an unmistakeable monument revealed where the portal had brought me.  It was the Eiffel Tower.

I was in Paris – Capitol of Imperial France.  The last time I had been here was 20 years ago, when I first came here to join the Legionnaires.  Now the city was dominated by monuments of the Emperor.  The sensation of being there overtook me with irony.  I was at the center of it all, one of the only places guarded so well not even the dragons could penetrate.  One of the only cities in the world left standing strong.

Then it occurred to me what I must do.  Protocol would require me to report to command for debriefing.  But surely they had reported me MIA, presumed dead.  This was my chance for a new life, if I wanted to take it.  And part of me did; but part of me did not.  More than anything, I wanted to see my wife, Sarah, and my son, Daniel.  But they were hundreds of miles away.

There were rumors that the royal family themselves had a gifted one in there midsts.  Would they believe me if I told them what happened to me?  No, they would probably lock me away.  I would never be able to speak with them, anyway, I thought.

As I entered the city, I saw people rushing to and fro in a big hurry.  Crowds were gathering around the Palace de Invalides; and there was a large stage erected.  A parade of soldiers baring the Golden Eagle had positioned themselves around the stage.  It must be a speech, I thought.  Someone very important was about to arrive.

The sound of trumpets echoed throughout the city, and all the people fell silent as a motorcade made its way to the front of the stage and came to a halt.  A group of soldiers in riot gear made a wall of protection around an SUV baring the Imperial “N” on the door.  A man stepped out the front passenger door, snapped to attention with a salute, then bowed in homage as he opened the rear passenger door.

A cold chill ran down my spine as my eyes beheld the man who had stolen Europe.  As he exitted the SUV, the entire crowd of onlookers bowed to the ground in reverence.  He received the worship with regal indifference as he beckoned for them to rise.  Then, as if acting in a play, he reached for the dangling tri-colored flag held by one of the soldiers, brought the cloth to his lips, and kissed it.

The crowd erupted in applause.

“To Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!” they chanted!  “To Napoleon!” others were shouting.  “To France.” The excitement continued for minutes until the Emperor reached the podium and lifted his hands.  The crowd fell silent, as if on que.

“I came here myself today to announce something very important,” the Emperor began.  “Thanks to the diligent work of the greatest fighting force on earth, we have won a great victory over these terrible beasts!” The crowd once again erupted in applause, then fell silent. “And, thanks to the hard work of our military science division, we have developed a tool which will guarantee us final victory!  Allow me to introduce Dr. Pierre Burat!”

There was more applause as a short, gray-haired man made his way to the stage.  He was holding a scanner of some sort, with a small disk-like antenna.  As the crowd fell silent, he lifted it into the air.  “We now have a way to detect the dragons long before they attack!  With this device, we can detect the presence of dragons from miles away, even when they make themselves invisible!” The scientist switched on the device, and it suddenly began to flash red and emit a loud, screeching alarm. The man holding the device gave a confused look as he read the screen on the gadget, then brought it around until it was pointing straight at me.

“Guards!” The man shouted as he looked me in the eye from high on the stage.  “There is a dragon in our midsts!”

…to be continued.


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  1. I love the foreshadowing, and the way you lead up to merge with Duke Bonaparte’s story!

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