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A Publishing Model for the Digital Age (and the smart investor)

This is a short and general overview of the business plan for the Instant Books Creator, SDK, and Advertising Manager. As we are currently seeking patents on major features and methods surrounding the software we have developed, we do not reveal the plan in its entirety – specific features of the capabilities of our SDK, which we can only disclose after the signing of an NDA or to established partners, are left out.

Mr. Wikacy did his best to give the newcomer an accurate overall picture in order to invite potential strategic partners.

If you would like to know more and are considering investing and/or becoming a strategic partner, please email us at

A Publishing Model for the Digital Age, Instant Book (beta) by W.O. Wikacy


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  • Waggyverse

    Look @carmelgoldendoodle the paypal integration funnels people in from any site the book is embedded on!

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