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Driven by a lifelong passion for fantasy and romance, Miss Raven writes creatively about the many adventures that her characters embark on; in worlds that are never seen before. Retired from a seven-year career in Culinary Arts that has helped her family many times over, Miss Raven is actively involved in devoting her life to writing books and getting her talent known by the public. She lives with her family in Florida. She is the Author of the Royal Vengeance Trilogy Series, with the first novel, Stolen Away, out on Amazon as a Paperback and Kindle Edition. The next two novels, A Royal’s Promise and A Royal’s Past will be released in the near future. She is working on many other books as well that have yet to see the bookshelves of many libraries.
About the Royal Vengeance Trilogy
This “Royal Vengeance Series” of Fantasy by Author Miss Raven is brought to life in a series of certain events. When a Prince is told by his parents that he must stay inside the Palace, he doesn’t understand why. He’s a teenager, and teenagers want to roam free, live their lives to the fullest, and have fun; but not for Prince Draken. Like a prisoner, he is kept behind bars, given 3 square meals a day, and is sent a tutor to teach him how to control the powers he possesses and the knowledge of ruling a Kingdom. This was all drab to Draken, and he wanted nothing more than to escape this boring place, and he finally got his wish. Adventures follow his every turn. There was no turning back now.

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