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Battle Between Dimensions

It was a long time ago, just before the dawn of the apocalypse. The dragons came through the wormhole and arrived in this world reeking havoc. They burnt everything, and the smoke from the cities of the earth covered the sun for 9 months. Any crops which were not burnt by the initial attack later withered in the darkness which followed. Survivors hid in the caves. Starvation set in, and thousands died.

I was a legionnaire when they first arrived, a Capit`on. We were using infrared to pinpoint their nests, then we would call in the F-16s. My last mission went entirely wrong. Not only did we find the mother-lair, we also found their entryway, the passage to the wormhole between dimensions.

As the F-16s flew in, our mission was to make sure none of them escaped. One of them did, and as I latched onto him with my trackor beam, I was sucked into the wormhole with that terrible beast.

The dragon had no fire in the portal. All he could do was strike at me with his large, razor sharp claws. I was wearing the standard ray-sheild armor, so his claws had no effect. We were both spinning out of time and existence, Hardly able to get a lock on each other’s position, but somehow he was able to wrap his large leathery tail around my armor and pin me beneath his scaly chest.

I knew if we reached the other dimension while he had me pinned I would be done for. I had no choice but to use my weapon of last resort. I echoed my self destruct order into my VR and braced myself for the blast.

Then there was complete darkness.

I came to some time later. How long I was unconscious I do not know. There was no dragon, and no portal. I was in a strange place. I was on the beach of a vast ocean, and the sun was a bright blue disc. Behind me there was a forest; and in the distance, above the tree line, I could see the peaks of a large rock formation. It was cold, almost freezing. I knew I had to find a way to get warm soon, or I would die.

I walked toward the forest, hoping to find some timber for a fire, when a cloud of darkness suddenly engulfed me in it’s shadow. I looked up to see the sillouette of a very large dragon. It was swooping down towards me from it’s height in the sky. I knew I was done for! None of my equipment was functioning, and I was as good as helpless.

The terrible beast circled above me, peering down at me with his fiery eyes. That is when I noticed his horns. There are tales of the Dragon King and his home. It is said no man could survive entrance into Blue Stone, dimension of the dragon horde and their king, Baswik. Somehow, I was here, and alive; and I was about to meet Baswik himself.

He landed 20 yards in front of me, spread his giant wings, and let out a deafening roar. He was the largest dragon I had ever seen, at least 80 ft. tall; and his scales sparkled with a brilliant blue. I was certain he was going to roast me with one breath from his napalm glands; but, strangely, he just folded his wings, settled down, and peered at me in a strange way, as if he was studying me.

No doubt he was wondering the same thing I was: how was I here? Why was I not vaporized like every mortal who has ever attempted to enter this world of the unburnt.

After a moment, it seemed the Dragon King made a decision of sorts, because he suddenly stood to his full height and reared back his head. I braced myself for what was about to come. I had been prepared for it already. I did not belong here, and he was about to end me.

I said a quick prayer to myself for my son, and my wife, who would never see me again, then I lifted my arms in one last act if defiance against this race of dragons who had destroyed my world.

And then it happened. His nuclear dragon fire engulfed me, surrounded me, and my heart stopped as I prepared to step into the afterlife…

But it did not happen. The fire felt warm and sensational… actually, quite pleasant.

Strange new senses began to overwhelm me as the fire danced around and within me. I saw visions of worlds beyond worlds — the life of a thousand dragons seemed to flash before my eyes!

A powerful sensation was building inside me as the king of dragons held his flames full upon me. The heat increased more, and I was embracing it, drawing from it’s power!

And then it was over.

The dragon king roared in frustration, lifted his wings, and flew off into the sunset.

As the realization of what just happened set in, suddenly things made sense. Somehow, while the dragon in the wormhole departed from the realm of life, his essence had blended with mine. He was inside me, and I inside him. I looked down at my arms — they were covered in bright blue scales. I then inspected the rest of my skin, and it was the same.

I am now a dragon.

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  1. We can do a lot with this!

  2. Plotting a deeper dive into the world of dragons. Any collaborative thoughts on mortal resistance to flames? What does a positive human-dragon interaction look like when not a total dragonizing transformation? What powers might come from such an interaction? Thanks for the creative inspiration!

  3. That’s the dilemma I was trying to address by making it happen in the portal between dimensions. Otherwise, I think any mortal would just be consumed by the flames! Dragon and had already become a dragon by the time he felt the flames of Baswik. But this isn’t to say another method can be created. Perhaps DragonBane could be the origin of the human/dragon species.

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