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Behold the Power of Fiction

I just had to share this, with all that is going on in the world.

When we first created Wikacy, we wanted to give the people a unique way of expressing important messages to the world, by wrapping them in the power of fiction — real world events characterized in ways which communicate the underlying principles of important causes and ideals.

This is why we allowed users to not only create their real profile, but also a character profile, so that they could publish their messages and stories without fear of censorship based on their name or associations.

Since we launched, many things have happened in the world which have reinforced this need to create and publish stories that matter without fearing removal or censorship.

There are many who believe stories such as “Alice in Wonderland,” “The Count of Monte Cristo,” and many other famous works of literature were initially forms of protest. “Down with the Red Queen” was meant to protest the tyrannical policies of Queen Elizabeth.

Throughout history, the most influential writers of the world have harnessed the power of fiction to relay messages directly into the hearts and souls of the population; and many of them were successful, because by the time the regimes realized what was going on, the message had already been communicated to the world.

We encourage all users to utilize this platform to communicate your message in story form, without the need for hate speech or threats of violence.

After all, fiction is fiction..

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