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Beyond the Horizon — Introduction

This is an introduction to my current work in progress, “Beyond the Horizon”, which can be read on the NovelStar app.

The following story falls under the genres: new adult, fantasy, romance, harem, and action/adventure.

The greatest mystery of Tachyon’s time was what lay beyond the horizon past the great sea. Wide-eyed adventurers would try and sail to discover new lands, but they end up missing instead, discouraging others from exploring the great unknown ever again. One day however, Tachyon reveals an ancient book belonging to his parents, who also wound up missing from sailing beyond the horizon twenty-three years ago, and now more than ever seeks to uncover the oceanic mystery plaguing his time. Simultaneously, Captain Mist is aware of the book’s recent discovery and seeks to take it back by any means necessary. After knowing her parents possessed the book, before disappearing beyond the horizon, she believes it rightfully belongs to her family and will stop at nothing to have her revenge. As the two work independently to procure clues about their similar histories, they’ll soon discover a grueling truth moving forward.

You can also read the sample chapters here!

Randy Boodram



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