Beyond the Horizon — Prologue

This is the prologue to my current work in progress, “Beyond the Horizon”, which can be read on the NovelStar app.

The following story falls under the genres: new adult, fantasy, romance, harem, and action/adventure.


If one sailed beyond the horizon, they’d go missing. Simple as that. People say that there’s nothing beyond these waters except for the edge of the world, but no one could know for sure.

Daring attempts to explore the unknown seas were futile, as there was a certain threshold they couldn’t cross without winding up lost. Still, people yearned for the excitement, and thrust themselves to the cold cases, hoping to discover whatever was there.

Even those who tried to investigate the disappearances wound up disappearing themselves. As a result, they soon diminished after a handful of ships and their crews never returned.

Some write it off as the work of a powerful mage, or curse put on by a vengeful soul, while others romanticize worlds beyond comprehension. Even the mages across the land couldn’t decipher the method through which this could be done. It was beyond their power.

Legends talk of a sea monster devouring unsuspecting travelers too, while some simply believe there’s nothing out there at all-that the travelers just kept sailing until there was no more supplies and everyone just starved to death.

Most people wanted to believe there was something greater than just that, so they continued to imagine. Whatever the case was, no one could know for sure, and its discovery was shrouded in mystery.

The four nations within the Arteheimian continent discouraged travel beyond the known areas on the map for the safety of their people, but that didn’t stop wide-eyed adventurers from sailing straight into the unknown. They wanted to be trailblazers in uncovering the mysteries of these waters, but it was only a death wish.

As far as anyone knew, sailing anywhere beyond the horizon, surrounding the elongated continent, also posed the same danger. No one knew why and it was a timeless mystery for as long as anyone could remember. There was no law against sailing to that degree, but there were certain restrictions which soon surfaced as a result of people taking advantage of this unspoken freedom.

It was like Arteheim was cut off from the rest of the world, if there was any more to discover, and they were bound to this single piece of land and its surrounding waters.

This speculation had been occurring for over a hundred years, when this anomaly had been discovered, and researchers haven’t a clue or a lead to why the horizon was the way it was.

They didn’t know how long it’d been there either, and were just stumped, but continued to thrive on the continent, with the mystery still eating away at them.

Nonetheless, it still caused some people to wander into the unknown, but that’s been more or less discontinued in the last half century, upon the disappearances rising without end.

These failed accounts never saw the light of day, so people diverted their attention to just living their lives.

However, almost a quarter of a century ago, an incident occurred, where some new information about the horizon’s mystery surfaced in the hands of a few individuals.

It was going to see the light, and the passion for discovery would soon be ignited once again.

To be continued…


You can also read the sample chapters here!

Randy Boodram


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  • Daniel

    Thanks for the post. As one if your readers I am very excited. I can’t wait to read this new masterpiece.

    • RandyB.

      Thanks! I think you’ll enjoy this one as well if you’re into pirates lol.

  • Daniel

    So @RandyB. do you see an Indie Film coming in the future?

    • DragonBane

      He isn’t going to answer you man he’s too busy being ignored on Twitter and Insta…

    • RandyB.

      Absolutely, I’ve often thought about what my story could be, especially as a 2D, anime style kind of film lol

      • DragonBane

        Oh wow he proved me wrong. I retract my comment.

        • Daniel

          DragonBane hom many times to I have to tell you to ease up on people. Randy is a very busy man. He is the one who write an article on his blog about us you should read it it’s amazing.

      • Daniel

        Well when you get more time, you will have to make the raw images assets in isolated limbs and body parts. Different versions for different positions, and let’s start making the assets needed for games and films.

        • RandyB.

          Gotcha. Do you think Pixteller would help with that?

          • Daniel

            Not really. Pixteller just animates frames. You merely need to create the assets individually with transparent backgrounds. Do you have Mac or PC?

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