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Blog Post Title

Write a short and concise excerpt summarizing your post. Be sure to include keywords you believe people would enter in a search engine when searching for this topic. Think of it as a news sub-headline. This excerpt will appear under the title and image in the main feed. (Example: “Advice on the best way to write an awesome blog post.”)

Introduction (replace with your own sub-heading)

Write a crafty introduction designed to capture your reader’s attention while at the same time promising to offer value in a unique and creative way. (Example: “Are you as bored as I am with all the mundane blog posts going around?  Want to learn how to offer real value for your readers and establish your blog as an authority on your subject?  Stick around, grab a beer, and read some more…”)

[feel free to use another image here, an animated gif, or video embed.  Be sure to align in the center or use a full width image. ( *optional)]

Section One (replace with your own sub-heading)

Go into the subject of your post.  You may want to use bulleted lists, quotes, or subheadings to divide your content into relevant sections.  Write in the imperative.  In other words, write directly to the reader.  Divide  your post into paragraphs, headings, and subheadings outlining the supporting facts and arguments.  Use keywords.  When linking to another website, be sure to highlight your links  and enter the url like this.  If you want them to return to your post after clicking a link, be sure to select “open in new tab” in the settings for the link, like this.  Try NOT to use naked links, e.g, ( )

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Section Two (replace with your own sub-heading)

Try not to use the word “that” when unnecessary.  Most uses are unnecessary, and can often disturb the reader.  “I know that you already know this” reads better as “I know you already know this.”


Give the reader a valuable and pleasant reading experience.  Whether your post is intended to incite anger or encourage love and kindness, the reading experience itself must be pleasant.  If you are writing fiction, ignore most of this template and simply describe your story in the first paragraph, such as, “This is a story I am working on…”

We will review each post and, when necessary, offer feedback.  We encourage you to fill your posts with energy and passion.  You may write about anything here without being suppressed or censored.  All posts receive the same exposure, and there is no algorithm promoting one type of content over another.  You may also draft post ideas and concepts in your private docs until you are ready to publish, or in our Android App.


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