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Building The Waggyverse

We are happy to announce a new development in our efforts to build a new pet-based digital ecosystem – Waggyverse Online Stores!

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We wanted to create an easier way for pet-influencers and pet-based app owners to raise funds, so we created a way our members can create and customize their own online stores.

By creating a store template versatile enough so that it can be customized from fields stored in our database, we can easily create multiple stores and allow the admins to add their own products from the Waggyverse Admin App. In addition, we can allow new pet influencers, authors, and enthusiasts to create their own online stores powered by the Waggyverse Ecosystem. Products can be created in Printify, then imported into the Waggyverse store as a custom api integration simply by generating an access token in Printify and pasting it into the Waggyverse Admin App.

illustrative media

illustrative media

We are also working on integrating a turn-key fulfillment and shipping system. So stay tuned!  Pretty soon the Waggyverse will have its own fully functioning e-commerce system and create great value for the community!


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