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Connecting to The World

Have you ever thought about how you connect to the world in ways that might change and improve the connection?

Recently, a student in the Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program at Belmont University in Nashville, TN contacted me. She and her dissertation mentor will be writing a children’s book about therapy dogs and thought my books would be a great reference for them. They listened to my interview on the therapy dog talk podcast and were touched by my story and work to educate others on the benefits of therapy dogs. They also really wanted to learn about self publishing. 

Because I am always so eager to share my publishing journey in order to help others based on what I know so far, I was delighted to schedule this meeting with them. No matter how busy I get in my life, I can never say no to this kind of request. We connected on Zoom on Monday morning. First, they told me about occupational therapy and their experiences with using therapy dogs in medical settings. Then, they asked me questions about my advice regarding their idea for the content for such a book and also how to self publish. Of course, I offered my advice and recommendations. As the chat progressed, I sensed a great relief on their faces in connection to what both ladies learned from me. They said that they found information very useful. Towards the end, we started talking about how to promote books and how I can also promote their work by having them in my Instagram live. Eventually, we even touched on connecting for some more formal research regarding therapy dogs in the future. I would love to be involved more in this type of research.

As I reflect on this experience, I have to say that one of the best aspects of what I’m doing in life right now is being able to connect to the world through people I have never met before, beyond my colleagues at the university, teachers in school I see when I go with my dog for therapy visits, beyond many people I already know. Connecting with new people, in addition to cultivating already existing collaborations, might help in building a better connection with the world because by entering those conversations, we influence each other in increasing ways and then try to leave our footprint on the world in those new, influenced ways.

People find me through different podcasts and talking to other people and want to talk to me. Such opportunities are possible only if we open ourselves to new experiences, new situations, new ways of living and connecting to the world, with some type of mission that is always in our hearts. Such opportunities are not easy to fit with a full-time job and handling many other responsibilities but I just try my best and make this time for others to enrich them and enrich my own growth and hopefully at least touch the world in these refreshed ways. 

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  • TheWizard

    Just wait until the Carmel Therapy Dog App becomes more known! You are going to have to multiply yourself and Carmel! lol…

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