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This is my first poem written in English. Correct…I have never written poetry in  English before. It has also been a long time since I wrote any poetry. I feel like I shouldn’t be writing a long commentary because this is for you to read and interpret in any way you feel this connects  with your experiences or disconnects. I just want to say that I have reflected on many friendships that I have had in my life. I’ve always heard that friendship is this ideal thing, such as true friends are always in tune with you, always ready to help, and so on. But is friendship always so ideal? You will not always agree with your best friend. But one thing that should be an ingredient of every friendship is the idea of always striving to truly be helpful for another person by listening carefully and trying to understand another person’s feelings. At least that…But what do you think when you reflect on the meaning of this special word? 


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  • David Willingham

    Friendship is a strange thing that is hard to understand the full value of in it’s presence but becomes more clear sometimes in absence or after time apart. Sometimes that test of separation and time reveals who your closest friends are and sometimes that answer can be surprising.

    • Barbara

      I agree. And I have been in that situation. I sometimes see super sweet people around myself calling themselves my friends and it’s not the case.

  • David Willingham

    Also, you don’t know who your truest friends are until the rest of hardships. Hardships reveal a lot about one’s friends.

    • Barbara

      That’s for sure!
      I just think that we always hear how friendship is this ideal thing, meaning that your friend is always ready to be there for you and be in tune with you. But in reality, it’s not always smooth even between friends. What really matters, though, is this realization and always striving to communicate even better.

  • Barbara

    Thank you for this beautiful background for the poem, Daniel! I love it!!!

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