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You have heard of Game Studio.  Well, now there is a Game Story Studio.

Thats right, we are making a deal with all you creatives out there.  Ready for it?  Here it is:

Create your serialized fiction series in Wikacy App and we will create and publish your game to go with it!

Now, you may be thinking, this is too good to be true. 

Well, if you have been following along with this humble little app’s journey, you have probably realized we are a little different.  We are out to create a new metaverse of user-created fiction, where stories created by amateur writers and everyday people have the same opportunities as the scripts written by the big studios.

What better way to get the word out about your stories than creating an interactive game based on your storyline!

2d and 3d games can be created with very little resources and powered by your own database.  They don’t have to be created on the big corporate game engines.  With tools such as Google Firebase, Sketchware, React Native, and even WordPress, interactive games can be created and financed with very little income.

They can also be monetized in many ways.  Take, for example, our debut novel, Space Axolotls.  We have invited each reader who purchases the Google Play version to download Wikacy for Android and create their axolotl character for the next book.  What a fun opportunity for even no-name writers to be a part of an open-source and fun creative project while earning 100% revenue for their contribution.  You can use a simple game to promote your stories and books in the same way.  

To demonstrate how our Game Story Studio can be used to create a game based on any story, we will be teaching a course right here on Wikacy and showing you exactly how a game can be built using nothing but a smartphone and free game assets.

So don’t be afraid to start creating your stories, even as private docs until you are ready to publish.  And feel free to jump in any storyline made public by other members.

One day, your stories could be as popular as Star Wars, and, just like George Lucas, you will be able to say you created them without any help from the big studios.

P.S.  Check out the new audiobook creator we are cooking up.

Disclaimer: You know the deal about the following promos. This blogger could earn a little spiffy-spif.


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  • Barbara

    That is so cool you will be creating a course!!! Just shared!

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