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Get Started with Scratch

Now you can Create interactive content and monetize your stories and games with Scratch and Wikacy App!

Scratch is an amazing free resource.  You can make interactive content and games and allow users to interact with your Scratch projects and characters.

With Scratch and Wikacy App, you can monetize your scratch projects with relevant ads.

Check out this beginners tutorial provided by the Scratch Learning Team:

Once you create your first Scratch Project, just copy the link to your project and paste it into a Wikacy Post. We have added an integration which will display your project in interactive format. Use the category “Scratch.”

Check out this demo of a Scratch project in a Wikacy Post

If you would like to monetize your Scratch blog posts, add the tag “monetize,” and we will display dynamic ads after your post, for which you will earn 100% of any revenue generated by visits to your post.

As you learn, feel free to make tutorials and show us what you learned.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

Disclaimer: Wikacy allows writers and bloggers to monetize with the following promotions:


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  • Brian

    I played around with scratch for a while. Its pretty cool. What’s even cooler is that the source codes can be used to create custom html canvas games.

    • Daniel

      Right. There is a lot more to scratch than children’s games. We can even create a no code app and web site builder.

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