Introducing Wikacy Book Apps

You don’t have to let precious income escape by giving your book away anymore.

With Wikacy Book Apps, you can publish your book as a cross-platform mobile app for Android, iOS, and web, and allow users to read for free while you earn ad revenue from the highest bidding ad networks.

Even sell direct ads!

To help us crowdfund, we are offering a special introductory price for all our members.

Any donation of $200 or more to our global fund will get your book converted to an app for Android, iOS, and web, and published on Google Play, the App Store, and your own custom domain.

Display ads between pages, after each page body, or between chapters. Or, in the alternative, you can set a price for your app the same as you would for a book.

Get started with your Wikacy Book App today.

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P.S.  Update:  When we launch our Instant Book SDK, you will be able to create books which can be embedded and sold on multiple platforms, as an instant book, a PWA instant app, or as a preview linked to the page to purchase your book.


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  • Barbara

    I have to polish my draft and find illustrator next! 
    What ebook file format will work for this? The same as for Amazon? 

    • Daniel

      Any format.  The final product will not be a document, but an actual app, with game features, comments, likes, and live connect with readers. 

  • Daniel

    The UI for your book app will be designed custom by @Kamal he is a very famous ui/flutter developer. Take a look at his group on

    • Barbara

      Oh wow, thank you! What is UI? Game?

      • YoungWizard

        UI stands for user interface, and refers to everything the user of the app sees. Design, layout, screen transitions, colors, button animations, font, etc..

  • Daniel

    Send me a PDF of your book so I can have Kamal do a mockup for a design. He is also a blender 3d artists and could probably create next-generation 3d illustrations for it.

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