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Introducing Wikibits

Now you can earn Bitcoin by sharing stories designed to survive the coming censorship.

By encrypting real news as fictional stories, we can create a much-needed source of truth during the great digital apocalypse to come.

To successfully encrypt your story, there can be no mention of the specific public figure or social issue meant to be portrayed. Instead, you must come up with creative allegorical parallels designed to portray that person or issue in a fictional way.

Just read some of the stories in our app and you will see what we mean.

Acronyms can be used to denote institutions. The Federal Reserve System, for example, can be the “False Red Star.” And the monetary system, as in our app, can be the Order of Zar (OZ, the abbreviation of the unit of the measurement for gold). These are established cannon.

But you can give no interpretation (like I just did). Instead, you can explain your interpretation in a private doc on, and set the permissions for the doc so that only our premium members can view it. Do not use any tags or categories in your story which may tip off the content terminators to the subject of your story. The story is fiction, that is all.

Each story will be curated by our judges, and we will all collaborate on which allegories will become cannon for the Wikacy Metaverse. Once you submit your story and doc, we will offer you a sum of Bitcoin up front for the rights to publish the story. You will also earn Bitcoin every time your story is viewed online or in the app.

You will also earn Bitcoin every time a premium member views your interpretation.  If a non-premium member tips you in the app, you may provide the password for your interpretation doc.   If your story is chosen for animated film or game production, you will enjoy full monetization rights to your story, meaning you will earn 100% of the ad-revenue.

To familiarize yourself with established cannon, we recommend you study the existing private docs on, and try to stay consistent.

If we all unite in this endeavor, the people will come to know the meanings of the stories, while the censor-algorithms are left guessing.

And during the coming content crack-down, while sites and apps everywhere are starving for true news, we shall yet speak.

So get started. Write your part of the Wikacy Metaverse and start earning Wikibits today!


This story was first published on on August 8th, 2021.

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  • Daniel

    We can get tipped in Bitcoin in the android app too.

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