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Let’s Build a New Internet

We will build a new internet – one that is owned by the people.

The world is changing fast, and the primary factor is a deeply embedded feeling by a strong majority that they are being oppressed and strangled financially. But we can do something about it.

Networks now control free speech and the wealth of the world. The social activities of millions of people have been exploited and converted to deposits in the banks of the large tech companies.

But people are talking. People are tired of struggling while the corporations earn billions of dollars off the online activities of the masses.

What if we were the owners. What if the people of this world united to build a new internet, on block-chain technology, on our own machines and hardware, and a secure, cloud-based infrastructure designed to isolate each user’s content so that they are the ones who profit from their own online space?

Ad revenue would be paid to the users who created and shared the content on which the ads are displayed. And not just ads, but there are many more ways the people would be able to earn income from such a platform.

And, most of all, the platform would be owned and controlled by the users, so there would be a shift in power – each user would be responsible for their content and therefore not subject to censorship by any corporation or government, motivated by nothing more than political and religious beliefs.

No longer would a private company have absolute power over the fee speech of the people.

No longer could a cabal of private companies steal an election.

The first step in building such a platform has been accomplished. We have created as a user-owned platform.

Each user is paid for the ads displayed on and mixed into their stories. As we continue to develop more integrations, this model will continue to grow and expand. Developers can build on top of the Wikacy Project through our extensive webhook system, allowing remote posting and communications with many apps.

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