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Let’s Make A Deal

Let’s build the next Amazon as a user-owned platform.

Ok, so, imagine this for just a moment: A significant number of people have a moment of clarity and think, you know what, competition is healthy for the market… there should be other platforms where writers can self-publish, sell, and purchase ebooks, besides just Amazon and Kindle.

Now, once we reach that point, and we start thinking about building such a platform, we have already come a long way compared to the majority of people in this country, who have completely forgotten how free markets are supposed to work, and have allowed themselves to be programmed into buying just about everything from the large, corporate owned e-commerce sites, especially books.  Don’t even consider publishing. Its a wrap — Amazon or Barnes and Nobles all the way.

Try it for a sec… try to name a platform, other than the above two, off the top of your head, which a significant number of people turn to for reading materials… 

I’ll wait.


Is this a healthy economy?  Is an industry, and all of those involved, thriving when they come to depend on one single monopoly?

Ok, no need to go on.  You get the point, so I’ll move on to the next one.

There is a great rat race going on now for new startup ideas.  Everywhere you go, startups, startups, startups, to the point where many are getting tired of it.  Whether it’s your casual social media time, the constant spam phone calls, or a blog article.  Every tech company, software company, app, website, Twitter feed, etc., is showing you some form of advertisement geared toward exploiting your desire to start and grow your own business.  However, what they do not emphasize is the fact that the majority of startups fail.  There is more competition right now than ever before, and there are developers, marketers, tech stacks, and every tradecraft known under the sun chomping at the bits to get ahold of the next big “idea.”

But they all have the same goal, in the end — beat the competition and increase the bottom line.  But for a small business owner or entrepreneur with minimal resources, this is impossible.  One person cannot compete with the powerful conglomerates out there racing to be the biggest, the quickest, and the smartest.

But what if all the small people united, combined resources, and built a platform such as Amazon together?  What if we started with a simple idea, just like Jeff Bezos did.  What if enough people said, “you know what, I’m done.  I’m going to start self-publishing my books on Wikacy and telling all my friends do the same.”  What other platform is promising every user an equal share according to each user’s contribution?  What other platform allows writers to sell and display their own ads, while also dividing the global ad fund between all contributors? see Wikacy Terms

The answer is… none.  Every single startup is being built to profit a few individuals.  Wikacy is the only startup pioneering a new, user-owned algorithm and business model.

That means, everything you do on Wikacy earns income for you.  Every time someone visits your profile, your articles, your videos, or our news feed, any ads they see generate revenue for the users, not the app.  When it comes to selling, all your sales are 100% commission-free. Whether you create art, ebooks, video effects, web templates, tutorials, clothing, accessories, or anything else you decide to sell in your store, Wikacy takes zero commission on those sales.

Do we have all the innovative features of Facebook or TikTok? Not yet… but neither did Facebook or Amazon, at first.  Platforms grow and improve as the user-base grows, many of them growing so enormously rich they begin to generate billions of surplus revenue.  But the only driving force for any of that is you.

Where you decide to do business is the business which will grow.  The same thing goes for social media and publishing platforms. Now, would you rather some high and mighty corporate executive make that money, or would you rather it be paid to you?

We need a mass-moment-of-clarity.  We need this new business model in this country now more than ever.

We need to build the next great platform together, and make it user-owned.


Disclaimer: Hey, when you post on Wikacy, you can embed your own ads, like these from Amazon. If you happen to see something you like and make a purchase, I could earn a commission. Thank you so much!


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  • Barbara

    This is a really good explanation of your concept!

    • Daniel

      It makes a lot of sense, and definitely a worthy cause.

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