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Luna, the Seer?

“That’s only when the queen is incapacitated. As long as I am capable of sitting in the throne, health-wise, I don’t have to worry about putting anyone in that throne for ten years. That should give me plenty of time to find someone I can trust. Someone who can sit in the seat beside me, and who I don’t worry about being a treacherous coward. I refuse to jump into the next relationship, so it will be a while before I’m ready to make the marriage commitment again. If anyone has anything to say about it, they’ll have to get over it. There’s nothing written anywhere that says I have to have someone sitting beside me as king the entire time I’m queen. The one clause was only put in place for when there is a king to stand in place of the queen when she is incapable of physically ruling. Right now, I couldn’t be in better physical health, and I am perfectly capable of running this planet”, Luna explained.

“Since you have that question answered, do you mind answering one we haven’t ever addressed yet?” Nulandia asked the queen.

“Fire away”, Luna said.

“Do you know if you have been gifted?” The reason she asked the question was because she’d been trying to learn every aspect of the elf Luna was.

“Are you asking me if I’m capable of moving things with my mind or if I can see into the future?” Luna asked her friend.

“That is exactly what I’m asking you”, Nulandia said.

“When I was younger, mamma thought I might have the gift of foresight, but she never got the opportunity to have me tested”, Luna said.

“Tell me why you think your mother thought you were given the gift of foresight. I’m going to need to know as many details as possible in order to determine whether you have the gift or not”, Nulandia said.

“Well, when I was in my mid-twenties, I broke-up with a boyfriend, and got with an elf named Clifton. His ex-girlfriend, and my ex-boyfriend got together. Within the first year they were together, she was accidentally hurt by a team of horses that got away from their carriage. Or, at least, that’s what they told everybody. I told everyone around that what happened to the girl was no accident, that he had pushed her in front of the carriage, but it would take ten to fifteen years for the truth to come out. Fifteen years later, when Clifton was talking to his ex, she admitted that when she was dating my ex, he did try to kill her by pushing her in front of the carriage. That’s everything I remember. Do you think it will help?” Luna was curious to find out if she was gifted because if she was, there would be a lot of learning to be done, which would be another welcomed distraction.

“As far as I can tell, you have the gift of foresight, but we need to make a visit to see my magix instructor, Master Westyn. Maybe he can explain why it takes so long for your premonitions to play out. I’ve never seen that gift take so long to come to fruition, and if there’s a way to fix it, Jackson Westyn will know exactly what needs to be done. We will have to see him right away so we can correct whatever kind of issues are hindering your gift from working appropriately”, Nulandia urged. She sensed there was a block that had been placed on the queen’s capabilities, and it was of utmost importance to remove anything that kept her from using her gift to its fullest potential.

“When are you talking about visiting your professor friend, Nula?” The queen wanted to know so that she could have her stallion prepared to leave whenever her maid was ready to leave.

“Tell Cryer to have Riddle brushed with his bit and reins ready to go within the next hour, and if you learn that you’re enjoying yourself after you’ve met Master Westyn, we’ll make an entire day of it”, Nulandia said.

Luna went to the stables in the northeastern quadrant of the property, and told the stable girl, Cryer, to prepare her horse to leave. When she returned to her sleeping quarters, Nulandia had changed into a pair of the queen’s pants, and one of her blouses. Luna didn’t say anything, but changed her own clothes instead.

“The road is not long to Master Westyn’s place, but it is hot. I thought since you hardly wear these, you wouldn’t mind if I do:”, Nulandia said.

“I don’t mind that you wear those clothes. If you want to try some I wear currently, feel free to try them on. I really do not care”, Luna said.

“We’ll play dress-up on another day. Do you think your horse is ready, and did you tell Cryer to make sure the seat has room for two? I’d much rather ride there with you and Riddle, because it will take too long to go to my place, get my horse, and take off”, Nulandia said.

“I had a feeling you would not want to go through the hassle of having to get your horse, and I went ahead and made the request ahead of you. I was going to say that I hope you didn’t mind that I made the decision on that without talking to you first, but apparently, that’s what you wanted. I can generally tell how a situation is going to unfold by relying solely on my instincts. I don’t know how much good my knowing the future can do, but you apparently also know how that can be repaired. Therefore, I’m going to let you take the lead on that one, and we’ll see how things go”, Luna said. She had a difficult time letting go of so much control over her personal life, but she knew that Nulandia would eventually return all control to her.

“I hope you know that if you were any other elf, I would never trust you to have any type of control over any single aspect of my life, but since you are my absolute best friend, I’ll give you all the control you need because I know you will return all control of my life back to me whenever it is time”, Luna confessed.

“I’m sure that was the hardest thing you’ve had to do since you told him to leave. I’m just teasing you, Luna. I know I shouldn’t be messing with you so soon after your separation, but if I don’t keep you on your toes, who will? Personally, I don’t know anyone else who would, but guaranteed it would not be for lack of trying”, Nulandia assured her.

“Let’s go”, Luna said. She was growing anxious about going to meet Master Westyn, and getting the trip started would help to soothe her nerves. She and her maid went to the stables to gather the queen’s horse, and when they were on the road, Luna said, “It is such a beautiful day, if a being didn’t know any better, they’d think everything was glorious for me. They would be so wrong, but that’s alright. You and I are going on an adventure, and that is what will make the day a bit more bright. We’re going to leave the hurt at the citadel where it belongs, and I’m not going to focus on anything that has something to do with my husband leaving. I don’t know how long I’ll be capable of keeping it together, but I will try as hard as I can to keep myself together for as long as I can. I promise”, Luna said.

“Well, at least you have an excellent attitude about everything. Master Westyn will greatly appreciate your candor, and he will take up with you faster if he doesn’t think you’re stuck on the happenings at the castle. Then, his knowledge you shall learn, and the only other thing you’ll need to do is pay attention to whatever he tells you. He’s tough, but only whenever he feels his students are being stubborn. When he has to intimidate his students, he doesn’t enjoy it, and tries to warn them before he does it. If the students pull themselves together, he will avoid the roughness he was going to inflict upon them. However, if they do not heed his warnings, he will unleash the wrath of hades upon their souls. I tell you these things so that you cannot come to me later and say that I didn’t tell you about Master Westyn, because you’ll not be capable of blaming me if you make him upset, and he has to be mean. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not setting you up for a downfall, I do not have any negative thoughts about your learning with Master Westyn, and I should be spanked if I develop that frame of mind”, Nulandia said.

She couldn’t help but feel a large amount of pride for her friend, the queen. It was going to be an honor to introduce her to the magix instructor who’d taught her the tricks of the art that he did not share with other students.

Nulandia had jumped down off Riddle’s back, their journey was taking a turn that she needed to navigate from the ground, she kept her right hand on the reins that hung from the bridle in the stallion’s mouth. It was easy to miss the educator’s home if she wasn’t watching the road when it began to change, but the elven warrior inside would not allow them to get lost along the way. The maid placed her index finger vertically across her lips to indicate that she needed it to be quiet, and she placed her ear closer to the ground as she came to a stop. She could hear shouting coming from what sounded like a male’s voice, but the words could not yet be determined because of the distance they were from its original source. Instinctively, Nulandia led the horse who was carrying the queen down a path that could hardly be seen, and before she knew it they heard a familiar voice coming from a fairy hut down the way.

“At this point, I’ll take a gander and say that we’re hearing Master Westyn. He must have a couple of wayward students this semester, because I haven’t heard words like those come out of his mouth since he spoke similar ones to me”, Nulandia said.

All she had to do was appease her servant’s previous educator by showing interest in his findings and teachings, by learning the things he wanted to teach her, and she had to be more interested in his ways than what was going on at home. There was absolutely no pressure being applied to the queen’s shoulders, but she felt like someone had placed their hand on her throat because she suddenly could not breathe.

Nulandia was grateful she’d been paying attention to the queen when she quit breathing, and there was a simple solution to the problem. The maid gently removed Evertillin,Westyn’s boa constrictor from around the queen’s throat, and the planetary ruler began to breathe once more.

“It’s a good thing you were able to talk him into releasing himself from around her neck. Usually, I cannot get the beast to let go when I ask, consider yourselves lucky that he did what you asked him to. By the way, I am Master Westyn, and you are Stubborn Luna, queen of Interraton, I presume”, the educator was an elderly male elf of well over three hundred years old. He has the whitest hair the queen had actually seen, and his skin was fair from many hours spent indoors.

“How did you know my entire name, including what the Eldertree, Oulock has nicknamed me?” Luna’s curiosities almost got the best of the queen, but she reigned in her giddy child-like behavior.

“I am the only elf you will ever meet to have the gift of foresight as strong as I do. If you’d like a demonstration, I can show you one like you’ve never seen before. Or you can give this old soul a break for now, and I’ll take you on an adventure you’re likely to never forget”, the educator challenged the queen.

“We will forgo the demonstration, Master Westyn, but later we’ll hold you to your word on that adventure. We’re both long overdue for an escape”, Nulandia said.

“Let me ask you something, Nulandia Bodine, what exactly are you doing here”, the master asked his student.

“Well, it seems as though Luna is a seer, but what’s even more apparent is the fact that she has a block placed over the capabilities of her gift. I’d really appreciate it if you’d help us figure out what could be obstructing her view. It would mean the world to me if you wouldn’t mind helping”, Nulandia explained.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had to not only identify a block on someone else’s magix, but to also create magix to counteract the spell or potion or elixir used in order keep the gift tangled up. I don’t mind helping you both. Nulandia, as my former student, I hope you were wise enough to warn your friend about me because queen or no, when she’s being taught by me, I’ll crack the whip if she makes me angry enough”, the educator said. He was trying to divert their attention in another direction by means of intimidation, but his efforts went unnoticed.

“Another question I have is, does she have the time to spend away from the throne in case my research goes further than expected?” Westyn asked Nulandia.

“Master Westyn, you need to direct those questions to her so that she can answer you herself because I cannot speak for the queen’s schedule, as of now”, the student said to the educator.

“You’re right, Nula. Where are my manners?” Westyn turned his focus to the queen, and lifted his left brow as he said, “Please, your majesty, forgive an elven fool. I knew better than to address anyone other than you about your schedule. Luna, can you tell me whether or not you’ve got enough free time from the throne in case I need to dig really deep into your psyche in order to find the magix block on your gift?”

“If you can do it within ten years, everything should be alright”, Luna said.

“I need you to understand that if it takes me every second of that ten years to figure it out, that’s the amount of time it will take. If it takes me until the end of your days alive, I will not stop until your gift flows freely like it should. Now, you must also know that if I must go to such extremes, I will need you to be right here beside me in order for me to be able to run extensive tests on you, which will consist of performing my own magix workings on you, and the last thing I need is for you to be in the middle of the forest when the magix begins to work. Therefore, I hope everything has been truthfully dealt with when it comes to the throne because you will not return to your position as queen until this is fixed. And, in order to ease your mind, I want you to know that I’ve been identifying blocks on magix since before you were a twinkle in your mother’s eye, and I do not plan on allowing this identification to take very long. So, you can let your mind rest easily when it comes to that”, Westyn told the queen.

Luna did not know how to deal with the master, and looked to Nulandia for help, “My friend, could you help me out? I didn’t anticipate the issues I’m having with my nerves”.

“Yes, I’ll help you, and don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. I know what it’s like to have someone drop you off with someone you don’t know in order to learn from them. Then, when my day here was over, Master Westyn would take me home. At first, I was nervous and shy, and he knew that. He used to tell me, ‘Nulandia, you are not my first student, and you will not be my last. Just focus on what I’m telling you, and your other fears will subside’. And, he was right. That first week went by like nothing. The next thing I know, we’re working together side-by-side, and I’m not scared or worried”, Nulandia explained.

“At least you got to go home”, Luna said.

“With everything that’s going on at the castle, aren’t you glad to have a reprieve?” Nulandia asked.

“I am very glad for that. I wasn’t expecting to have to stay here. It’s not that I’m complaining because I’m not. I just hadn’t gotten everything taken care of for me to be gone for an extended period of time”, Luna said.

“I understand what you’re saying, and I’ve got a solution for that. Once a week, I’ll go to the castle, check on things, and make an announcement about your absence. I’ve got details on the first one taken care of. Please, don’t worry. He’s not called master for no reason”, Nulandia said.

“As long as you’re here, I will be alright”, the queen said. She noticed that by talking with her maid, her stomach didn’t feel as tense, and the palms of her hands had dried.

“Have you been watching the master since he noticed we’re here? If you paid attention, he’s led Riddle to a place where he can eat, he’s brought us some tea, and allowed us to do whatever has made us comfortable. He knows from all the time I’ve spent here, that I don’t like small spaces, and has not asked us inside because he knows I cannot be inside the close quarters of his home. He knows that there’s nothing that can be done to change it, so he accommodates the issue by bringing his things outside. He’s also begun to do some work, and believe it or not, that work is being done for you. Mostly, you’ll probably only have to retrieve something from inside he’s forgotten or you may have to find a certain kind of leaf or worm or something like that for a potion; which, by the way, you will have to ingest in order to attempt removing the block on your magix. The reason I’ve told you about these things is so that you know that Master Westyn will always do whatever he can to help, and he will never ask you to compromise anything more than your senses of touch, taste and smell’’, Nulandia explained these things to the queen in order to help her see some activities she may have missed. She wouldn’t ever tell Luna, but the maid felt that the queen didn’t pay enough attention to her surroundings.




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