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Magic Books Ad Manager Beta

We have come to monumental crossroads, everyone!  With the Instant Book SDK packaged up and ready to go, we are working very hard to bring our children’s book version of the Magic Books to production!

Magic Books Promo and Product Catalog Creator

Magic Book Ads!

Today, we have released internal beta version 1.2.7, which includes a payment system, ad creator, and ad manager for brands to support the authors who create the books they love! Once an ad is created, the user can set a general bid, an amount they are willing to pay per click, and set a specific bid for individual books they believe will do well and attract the right kind of audience for their brand.

Authors can also use the app to create there own promos for published books, products, or even their Magic Book.  In coming updates, brands will be able to connect any external API or automation workflow to the “calls to action” in their promos, including registering the engagement on Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, and more.  Peer-to-peer webhooks can also be created to allow engagements to communicate with your Magic Books while you are away!

And remember, these ads are going everywhere as more and more developers integrate our API and start monetizing books in a smarter way.  Which brings me to my next point: we have a very enticing offer for early authors, early direct-advertisers, and early backers of our crowd-funding campaign.

Early Backer Rewards

From now until December, any gift donated to our crowd-funding campaign will reward the early backer with ad unit placements equal to the amount of their contribution.  As we grow and the bids on the space after these books goes up, early backers will have a choice of selling there own ad-units or receiving the payouts from us for an an entire year!  In addition, you will be named one of our core sponsors and incubators for life!

Be sure to give us your email so we can add you to the current test track!  We know you are going to enjoy these Magic Books very much!

Share these wherever you can, and send people here to add their email and test this release!

Start building your presence on Magic Books!

illustrative media

Where brands are cutting out the middleman and advertising with the people who create the content!

illustrative media

Pet brands can break into this phenomenon now!

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Its all in the bids!  What book are you betting on????

illustrative media

Demo Magic Book of Booker Goes to the Beach by David Willingham, based on @BookersBulldogAdventures on Instagram/Facebook.

Wait for it!


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