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The Story of the Waggyverse App

July 11, 2022 in Articles

We are super-excited to announce the beta web version of the new Waggyverse App and the Instant Book SDK!

The unique story of the Waggyverse App is worth mentioning here.  For those of you who are familiar with my labor to create a new type of publishing platform and social writing app, you know where my heart lies.  My dream has always been to inspire creativity in new authors and artists, and to provide a means of distribution designed to bypass all the hurdles of traditional publishing.  Since the majority of content today is monetized with ads, I wanted to create a way authors could earn with this same method and allow readers to read their books for free. 

But I was not satisfied with the small amount of income usually paid to web content creators through third-party ad networks.  I wanted to create a way authors could earn the majority of the ad revenue while providing and managing their own client portal. I wanted advertisers to be able to deal and pay the creators directly.

After over a year of hard work, research, and dedication, I developed the Instant Book SDK and the Instant Book Creator. The creator app provides a simple interface for creating digital books in the form of navigatable, actionable containers, and the Instant Book SDK allows third party sites and apps to display the Instant Books on their sites and share the ad revenue.

Advertisers can purchase advertising directly from the author, create their own ads, and determine how the ads are displayed.  They can also work directly with the author while a book is being created to create native, brand-specific content.

Ads can be displayed with the social preview image of the book, on or above the cover, on or under any page, and even mixed into the content of the books.  Advtertisers can also work with brands to create detailed calls to action after the end of the book or any chapter, in the form of links to landing pages, native forms to collect information, or in-app “Buy Now” buttons.

And the best part is, “ads” are not really ads. They are native content created from an author’s sincere support for products and brands which have supported them. It is a community-oriented concept which has an overall positive and heartwarming effect on the readers.

Advertisers can also sponsor an author or a book and build long-term relationships and mutually beneficial campaigns.  The advertiser is promoted everywhere the author promotes their book, and readers learn that advertisers are supporting this new method of monetization for the small creator. 

My original plan was to release the Instant Book SDk as a new feature of the Wikacy App.  After months of working closely with two pet-based authors, Barbara Vokatis and David Willingham, I have decided the pet community is a perfect demographic to launch this idea.  I have found the pet community on social media are the most engaged demographic.  I have found pet-brands, especially the small businesses, are most willing to work directly with other accounts for their mutual benefit. 

We published two beta apps to explore the possibility of building and growing a community of pet lovers and pet influencers who would benefit from this project, The Carmel Therapy Dog App and the Booker World App. They both have a simple feed for sharing stories, books, and images, and for transforming images with cartoon effects.  Now that we are ready to launch the Instant Book SDK, we are ready to take these apps to the next level and integrate the Instant Book Creator and Instant Book SDK!

In addition to the two beta apps, we are now set to launch the Waggyverse App to serve as a tool to allow the admins of companion apps and other third-party Instant Book distributors to manage their apps, their users, and advertising contracts.  Advertisers will manage their ad-campaigns and view detailed analytics on how their ads are performing, add new products, and customize their page and profile. 

We also have plans to allow businesses to create affiliate programs and trackable links, so that they can track when a customer has reached their store from Waggyverse content shared in social media or other websites and apps.

The same ads and native promotional content display everywhere the Instant Books are displayed.  Third-party websites and apps can add a simple line of code to their apps and display the books according to category, topic, or keyword.  If the book is viewed on a third-party site, the third-party earns a portion of the revenue for each ad displayed, and the source of the display is logged for all parties.

The Instant Books can also be configured to allow the reader to purchase the ebook or printed version of the book, in which case the third party would earn a commission.

To compliment the new Waggyverse App and provide even more value for our users, we are currently developing a feature which will allow users to deploy their own online e-commerce stores, import products from Printify, and create products manually. 

If you are a pet-based brand and interested in sponsoring one of our apps or books, check out our crowdfunding page at the link below.

Feel free to signup and try out the beta web version of the Waggyverse App.  Create your Instant Book and try out this new way to distribute and monetize books. As we prepare to launch for production, we welcome all authors and creators interested in forming a partnership.  You can create an Instant Book as a way to provide a preview of an existing published book, or simply use it to tell your story and share it with the world.  

And stay tuned for more, as we have plans to integrate many features which will provide great value and much needed income for small authors, pet brands, and the entire pet community. 

We invite you to come share in this dream!

Try out the demo here:

by Daniel

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Building The Waggyverse

June 6, 2022 in Articles

We are happy to announce a new development in our efforts to build a new pet-based digital ecosystem – Waggyverse Online Stores!

Illustrative media

We wanted to create an easier way for pet-influencers and pet-based app owners to raise funds, so we created a way our members can create and customize their own online stores.

By creating a store template versatile enough so that it can be customized from fields stored in our database, we can easily create multiple stores and allow the admins to add their own products from the Waggyverse Admin App. In addition, we can allow new pet influencers, authors, and enthusiasts to create their own online stores powered by the Waggyverse Ecosystem. Products can be created in Printify, then imported into the Waggyverse store as a custom api integration simply by generating an access token in Printify and pasting it into the Waggyverse Admin App.

illustrative media

illustrative media

We are also working on integrating a turn-key fulfillment and shipping system. So stay tuned!  Pretty soon the Waggyverse will have its own fully functioning e-commerce system and create great value for the community!

by Daniel

Dave: Another Criminal Disguised as a Friendly App

May 22, 2022 in Articles

Surprise!  Yet another friendly and familiar character on both app stores has been exposed as a front for an elaborate criminal enterprise.

The Dave App.

We began to investigate the Dave App as part of our initial release of NewsWik six months ago. 

Our journalist downloaded the app, created an account, and explored the app’s services thoroughly.  Within a week the bank account we connected to the app began to get hit with random charges from the Dave App which were not disclosed in any of the app’s documentation or end-user agreement.

Until we searched a little further…

Hidden deep within the 10,000+ word document is a provision which allows the Dave App to randomly increase its monthly $1 fee or surprise users with an additional monthly fee.  Now, we know (and the Dave App knows) nobody will make a big deal about an extra $1 charge (or two, or three); however, when you multiply this by over one .million users, you begin to understand how these criminal apps work.  By simply creating random $1 charges millions of times, the Dave App is able to generate millions of surplus income at its whim.

Friendly faces go a long way.

Additionally, the Dave App collects sensitive information from its users, such as a vast database of the identity of people who are having a hard time paying the bills, then turns around and sells this data to the highest bidder, in violation of every privacy act.  Banks, predatory lending companies, and other fraudulent businesses designed to exploit hardships now has access to all the Dave App users’ private data, such as bank account numbers, integration API keys, prepaid cards, etc., etc.  And through an intricate network of data-brokers and third-party services, hackers are able to get their hands on the information needed to do all kinds of devilry to the detriment of the poor Dave App user.

Hopefully the plaintiff’s in this class-action lawsuit will be able to hold the Dave App accountable.

But let this be a lesson to all people who are so easily deceived by friendly app icons.  Make no mistake, the world of mobile apps is a vast criminal Enterprise of which every person should beware.

And the larger and more legitimate-appearing the corporation behind the app, the easier it is for them to steal from you with impunity.

Data Breach Lawsuit:


Cover-up fraud:


by Daniel

What the Corporate Elite Fear the Most

May 21, 2022 in Articles

A moment of rigorous honesty….

Something developers rarely speak publicly about – for the most part because most developers are simply part of the problem and are trying to scam a gullible public out of their hard-earned money – is the fact that the overall impact of social apps, games, and the internet in general is detrimental to the mental health of populations. This is compounded, and the effects are made much worse, when an app or a platform is owned and controlled by the corporate business model.

An innumerable number of hours and millions of dollars is spent studying behavioral science and how it applies to the user interfaces of mobile apps, where the majority of people now spend much of their time. The level of manipulation and mind-control going on today is unprecedented in human history. It is destroying the social fabric of human-kind.

We set out to build an app which would help to counter these negative effects by giving the ownership of the app, and therefore any profits, to the users themselves. We set out to create a new model for the world, where people will have a vested interest in making a platform the best it can be for the benefit of human-kind because they OWN it.

We believe the same principle which makes people care more for a home they own than for a rental property would apply to a social app and digital publishing platform – that people would want to use it and help grow the platform the same way people want to fix up their house – because they have a vested interest and are the ones who benefit. We believe this simple revolutionary concept has the potential to change the entire way people think about the content they post and consume on the internet. 

No longer would it be, like it is for so many people, an ongoing war between different groups and the platform itself, such as what we see on apps like Facebook and Twitter – apps which divide and conquer people by inflaming the passions they know each user has because of the vast amounts of data they constantly mine from users activity, all harnessed by advertisers and powerful corporate agendas to create an informational atmosphere perfectly tuned to the mindset of consumerism they want all people to be seduced into.

The worst thing which could possibly happen for the corporate and political elite would be for people to unite and start working together to solve the world’s issues.  They want us fighting against one another, spending our money on various products, and spending our time on apps which they can advertise to us on and spoon-feed us the information they want us to see and hear. 

Imagine, for a moment, this user-owned platform we seek to build materialized.  Imagine 2 billion people united for such a cause.  Imagine if all the money currently being spent and wasted on Amazon was instead spent on this user-owned platform and benefited the small people and businesses instead of the current monopolies.  You can see how this idea would lead to the complete collapse of the current market dynamics and the elite which benefit from it.

The truth is, there is no need to pay these corporations any more of our money. Everything which can be done on any app can be converted to a means of helping the small people of this world meet their basic needs.  

New business ideas for products and services which are designed not for mere profits, but to truly benefit humanity, could be nurtured in an atmosphere where resources needed to launch are readily available.

Imagine if corporations had to pay the creators instead of the few shareholders of the app?  Imagine an app where each creator has their own advertising portal where businesses can pay the creator directly in exchange for ad-space on their content!

Now imagine everyone on this platform working together instead of fighting one another! 

And this is the corporate and political elite’s greatest fear – a people united with the technology to back them up.

A breeding ground for a new world system, where we can collaborate on new technology for ending scarcity, the corrupt monetary system, and every political and socio-economoc institution which relies on it –and the digital resources to tell everyone about it.


by Daniel

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When People Unite

April 29, 2022 in Articles

This post was inspired by a meme posted in our news feed by Jonathan Fry, one of our newest members.  It had such a profound affect on me I just had to make this post.

The meme displays an image demonstrating the conflict and divisions of the comment sections of corporate owned social media, then, in contrast, a heavenly light descending from Wikacy feeds.  This brother has only been a member for a few days and, like others, has had the opportunity to experience the difference.

And there is a big difference between comments on corporate social media and comments in Wikacy, where our entire purpose is to support one another and build one another up.  The concept had me pondering the phenomenon for quite some time, causing questions to arise within me, such as what causes people on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other sites to be so hateful and divisive.  As someone who has been fighting the corporate algorithms for some time, I have come to the conclusion that social media intentionally divides people.  This has even been publicly proclaimed by various whistleblowers who, like us, have noticed what is going on. When I saw this image, it made me, most of all, wish to recap some of the very positive things which have been accomplished by our members.

This is what happens when people unite:

For one, we have self-published author Barbara Vokatis and her beautiful golden doodle, Carmel, who, since joining Wikacy, has published her very own therapy dog mobile app for Android.  While the app is still public beta, still this is a monumental accomplishment. Everyone who has ever published their first book will tell you what the accomplishment feels like.  And to think any normal person can publish their own app and acquire the ability to reach billions of users is a thought which does not seem realistic to most people.  But Barbara has done it, and she now has a community of artists, writers, and developers to support her and help her change millions of lives with her message about the benefit of using therapy dogs in schools.

This is what happens when people unite.  

Next we have Clever Pennywyze, who has been passionately using Wikacy docs to write the most beautifully told story about an entire galaxy.  What took J.R.R Tolkien years to do, Pennywise has nearly matched in a matter of months!  And this is not because Wikacy has any special features which other apps do not.  Our docs are basic and simple.  No, from her own words, it has been the support she feels from our members, who enjoy her docs everyday and offer feedback and encouragement, which has inspired her to write so much on Wikacy.  And any author knows what a monumental task it is to get a rough draft of a story out and onto paper.  Pennywyze has created something here which I believe will become one of the greatest works of fiction ever experienced, and I am not just saying that.  

This is what happens when people unite.

For myself, I could go on and on about how Wikacy has inspired me to reach for the stars.  The possibility of a platform owned by the users is the most world-changing idea ever conceived.  When something is collectively owned, every person is motivated by a strong desire to create great value for themselves and for others.  You will find no trolls or shills in Wikacy –  not because of any software or anti-spam security, but because of the simple fact that such people have no interest in taking on a people who are united in support for one another.

So be encouraged, writers of Wikacy! You are the pioneers of a new era in human history, where the media we create on this platform is used to distribute a message to the world that all people can set aside their differences and unite with a single goal and for the benefit of all humankind. 

If you are new here, we encourage you to reach for the stars! Together we can harness the power of true human support to help you achieve your dreams!

by Daniel

Twitter Slaves Have a New Master

April 26, 2022 in Articles

Everybody has heard Elon Musk is the new de facto owner of the legal spyware, privacy-and-free-speech-violating, data-mining corporate social media platform, Twitter. 

No need to delve too deeply into the same mundane and obvious points repeated over and over again throughout the world of infinite snobby blogs and AI-generated content written for search engines and published throughout the web in order to seduce you into clicking on a link so they can monetize with ads. 

They all say pretty much the same thing.  Blase blase freedom of speech, blase blase stockholder, blase blase censorship…

No, enough of that.  Time to weigh-in the Wikacy way.

To be clear, we have nothing against ‘ole Elon.  Out of all the born-rich people in the world, he is far from the worse.  What we would like to point out is the stupified behaviors of the millions of metaslaves (a term we have coined to describe the mindless attention-seeking people who have allowed their content to be hijacked and monetized by corporate social media).  Notice, if you will, nobody is discussing the egregious data-mining going down on the bird app.  Nobody cares the entire idea of follows and followers has been used as a mere gimmick to learn everything about people so their interests can be used to determine which companies should target you on and off the platform.  Nobody cares the entire idea that a person can acquire support from other interested parties on the platform is completely false.  Nobody cares about their secret partnership with the e-commerce crime syndicate Amazon which ensures the content and accounts of small indie authors and small businesses will NEVER even be seen by anybody on the app unless they have purchased Amazon advertising. 

Nobody cares the app will still remain a profit generating machine for those who are already enormously wealthy and do absolutely nothing to help the people.

Those who have been sold the dream of going viral will continue to work for free, tweet after tweet, to create content on the platform with absolutely no right to monetize it for themselves. Small indie authors and blogs will continue to post links to their sites only to learn Twitter has stolen the SEO value of their site and directed all search traffick to the bird app, rendering the small blog worthless.

Nope, metaslaves will continue to be metaslaves and slave day and night to the benefit of Big Tech.  The only difference is, the corporation is now even more consolidated than before.

For those of you who believe the app will be more valuable due to less censorship, you do not understand the algorithms.  It does not matter what you say.  If you are not a multi-million dollar corporation, on the corporate apps, nobody will ever hear you. 

by Daniel

illustrative mdia

The Quantum Phone

April 17, 2022 in Development Articles

Is it possible to create a cellular phone, or a computer, for that matter, which does not rely on an internet or cellular signal from any tower or satellite?

If so, what would this mean for the companies who have established themselves as the internet service providers and cellular service providers of the world?

If one researches this technology on the current internet, one will find all kinds of information about how they are using quantum machanics for security and to improve privacy; however, you will read nothing about any idea to create a cell phone or internet which relies solely on information received from observable quantum state, although they are well aware this is not only possible, but completely within our current abilities.

The information your computer or phone currently receives is brought to it through digital binary, a series of ones and zeros being sent from your internet service provider. But in a quantum phone, this information could be measured and interpreted through the observable state of “qubits.”

In quantum computing, a qubit (/ˈkjuːbɪt/) or quantum bit is the basic unit of quantum information—the quantum version of the classic binary bit physically realized with a two-state device. A qubit is a two-state (or two-level) quantum-mechanical system, one of the simplest quantum systems displaying the peculiarity of quantum mechanics. Examples include the spin of the electron in which the two levels can be taken as spin up and spin down; or the polarization of a single photon in which the two states can be taken to be the vertical polarization and the horizontal polarization. In a classical system, a bit would have to be in one state or the other. However, quantum mechanics allows the qubit to be in a coherent superposition of both states simultaneously, a property that is fundamental to quantum mechanics and quantum computing.

In other words, imagine two entangled sub-atomic particles.  One moves one way and the other moves the other way.  If those particles are separated, they will always move in cohesion with one another no matter where they are or how far away they are.  So, imagine one is placed in the chip of your cell phone, which has a special system for manipulating the direction of the movement, and the other was placed in another cell phone and sent across the universe. When one moves one way, the other moves the other way, and this can be used in the same way digital signals are used today in the form of ones and zeros. With a special interface to manage and a observe the state of entangled quantum particles, we could communicate vast amount of information for free – in true real time.

But, make no mistake, the powers that be do not want this to get out there.  It would cause the fall of the current Big Tech Empire if the people developed and utilized this technology. So you will never hear about this on their platforms.

It is up to us, the people, to build this phone, quantum computers, and much more. With quantum mechanics, the people could have an internet that is 100% free and independent.

by Daniel

Help Stop the Censorship

March 17, 2022 in Articles

When people feel like they cannot access information, express opinions, or ask questions without consequences, freedom of speech is being stifled. It does not matter whether it is the government who is censoring. This is only a question as to the correct remedy. If the government is the one doing the censorship, we have legal recourse under the First Amendment. As to private companies, we have to use other methods. First, we need to speak even louder in order to strengthen and embolden others who also want to speak. We also must boycott any companies who are censoring speech and ideas.

I appreciate the many creators on Youtube and other platforms who are continuing to speak out despite being faced with threats. Unfortunately, creators are trapped in a catch-22 scenario. They are standing up for what is right, but they are doing it on platforms which are doing what is wrong, thereby allowing their truth to be hijacked for the benefit of Big Tech. I know many creators create for a small share of ad revenue, but the majority of it goes to the very platforms trying to inflict a subtle but very effective tyranny upon the people.

Anything we do which helps them maintain their user-base is counter-productive.  Being on their apps and allowing ourselves to be their products to advertisers is complicity in their actions.

There is a dangerous trend spreading throughout the world and being acquiesced to by a large number of people.  I would argue it amounts to a human crises.  The acquiescence is continuing to use those platforms,

I’m talking about the censorship which is being enforced by almost all mainstream, alternative, social, and practically all user-generated content and media platforms. 

They are creating a situation where the people of the world are being blocked from accessing information and from the ability to hear all sides of a story and make their own judgments. The power to censor an entire country is a power we should not allow the tech monopolies to exercise. It is wrong on so many levels, the most important being the precedent we are allowing them to set.

And while many quote Trotsky and condemn acts which are designed to narrow the parameters of the debate, a fact we need to realize is that we ourselves are narrowing the debate. For example, we are voicing our opposition to the censorship of speech on those platforms, but nobody ever debates the wisdom of even using the apps which are censoring the information. If we do not learn to exercise our boycott power, the tech monopolies will continue to treat us like children, with confidence that they are too entrenched in our lives for us to uninstall and stop using their apps.

We need to unite in a mass-boycott against all these platforms and replace them with a user-owned platform.

As we prepare to launch the production version of Wikacy, we would like to memorialize this struggle by minting NFT articles for our featured writers.  We want to hear your thoughts on what is going on in the world.  We want to hear your unbiased opinions no matter what side you are on or how controversial.

For the entire month of March, all articles submitted expressing any perspective on the war or other important issues of our day which would be subject to censoring by any of the large tech companies will be promoted by Wikacy as vital and important discourse on subjects being suppressed in the general public and the mainstream media.

If they would censor it, we will promote it.

Write your article today and help us raise small voices.  Help us hold the big tech companies and government accountable by lowering their user-base, convincing people to only use apps which promise not to censor, and by choosing to write on the only app truly created for the people and for liberty.

by Daniel

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Custom Appgyver Video

March 14, 2022 in Development Articles

This is a solution under development for those who seek a better video component for SAP Appgyver.

The problem: Appgyver has no native video component or any way to embed an iframe other than by using a webview; and even the webview can only be used on the mobile app build – it does not work on a desktop or web app build.



The solution: Create a custom web app with React.js as a video player with custom controls, and use url params to get the url for the video and any other data needed to customize the player, the user, or other data-driven functionality.

Clone our repository from Github: Appgyver Video Component

You can also play with the code on Stackblitz.

As you can see, it is a basic react video component. The only difference is, we are using the url params to get the url for the video:

Note: Uncomment the commented section and comment out the url params section to play with the player element, then, when ready to test with url params, change it back.

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { render } from 'react-dom';
import ReactPlayer from 'react-player';
import './style.css';

const params = new URLSearchParams(window.location.search);

/*const paramValue = "https://res.cloudinary.com/wikacy-com/video/upload/v1642352266/trailers/zeitgeist-trailer_njhtpf.mp4"*/

const paramValue = params.get("url");


const App: React.FC = () => (
    <ReactPlayer url={paramValue}
    allowFullscreen ={false}
    playbackrate= {false}
    config={{ file: { attributes: { controlsList: 'nodownload noplaybackrate nofullscreen noremoteplayback',disablePictureInPicture: true } } }}

render(<App />, document.getElementById('root'));

In this demo, I simply disabled some of the unwanted elements in the controls, but we can take this much further and create custom play and pause icons. We can even write some code to also pull those images from url params, in case you want to change the controls based on some other factors in your app. You can also extend this code to use effects and swipe features, resize videos, or change the aspect ratio of the elements. You can use if statements to display a user’s avatar over the video and pass the url to the avatar in the params from your Appgyver App.



To use this in an Appgyver web app, simply create a page layout similar to your app, and pass any custom data in the url params. In a native mobile app, use a webview, and a formula flow function to join the url to your custom video player and the appended params (the url to the video).

Set a thumnail with a play icon and set the webview to invisible until a user clicks play, or set the video configurations to autoplay. Since the player is lightweight, it loads very fast.

The player works for Youtube, Vimeo, and self hosted video. You may need to change the layout and other configurations, such as whether you want to use Youtube native controls or create your own.

Deploy the app to firebase hosting. Then you can play any video by passing the url to the video in the url params, like this:


Even embedded in a webpage, it looks better than the standard generic player.

Stay tuned for more as this develops. I look forward to sharing these bits of information as I work to finish the production version of Wikacy.