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NASA: The Biggest Liar on Earth

Who owns the world’s largest filming studio?

Who owns the world’s largest pool?

Who is the biggest user of Helium every year?

Who has been caught out time and time again with CGI glitches?

Who has admitted they “would go back to the moon in a nanosecond, but we’ve destroyed all the equipment, and its a painful process to build it back”?

Who’s ‘Actornauts’ have admitted time and time again they can’t leave LEO?

Who doesn’t give an explanation of ‘bubbles in space’?

Who gets $51,000,000 A DAY (that’s alot of green screens!)

What’s gonna lead you down an very interesting ‘rabbit hole’ once you realise that the name of the company means ‘deceive’ in Hebrew?

Who has stigmatised the FE model, and makes anyone who looks into it a “crackpot conspiracy nut”? (when you look into this, you almost always get directed to the FE Society, THIS IS A SHILL PROGRAM TO DISCREDIT…)

These space clowns that’s who!

“But why would they lie?! Do you know how many people would have to keep quiet about it?!” Yes, money is a heck of a “bargaining tool”, compartmentalisation works wonders for keeping the lie going too…

Bubbles –

Go back to the moon –

CGI and ‘fake space’ –

NASA admits can’t leave LEO –

And with that, I will leave you with some great memes:)


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  • YoungWizard

    Congrats on your first Wikacy Article bro! Tell it like it is. If big tech would censor it, we will PROMOTE it!

  • TheWizard

    hands down a falsisitude of montrocotous proportions, this lie they try to ball up for the mindless masses. And the worse part is so many people are starving while we spend millions on the perpetuation of a lie

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