True Human Currency

As part of our mission to spread the concept of true human support to all people, we are launching a new part of Wikacy — NoCoin, a peer-to-peer trading network.

If you lack abundance in riches, join with others to help build a global network of humans doing things for humans without the use of any currency, which, we all know, is the tool by which the value of your skills and labor is robbed.

If you are a designer, and you need your lawn mowed, help a local sole proprietor with his design work in exchange for some lawn care. If you have an abundance of groceries, give some in exchange for your website design. Or if you need an author to write a review for your book, do something for them without the use of any currency, crypto or otherwise.

All kinds of things can be done for people to help offset the burdens placed upon them by the current world money system, which has handicapped the majority of the inhabitants of this earth by robbing them of the ability to focus on their true purpose for being in this world, forcing them to exhaust endless energy into making sure they have enough of an artificially created paper currency to be able to feed their children and keep a roof over their heads, lest they be put out by their slumlords, forces to sell their bodies, rob others, or otherwise scam and contrive for the direct and indirect consequences of the powerful forces of money.

In other words, business as usual for the majority of human beings, who have not the knowledge of we who hold the stewardship of our Great Lore and the Philosopher’s Stone, that rare jewel by which we have forged the Seven Lores of Wik.

This global peer-to-peer trading network, this NoCoin, this true human currency, could grow into the currency to end all false currencies. If enough people join, there will soon come a day when any person, no matter their city or country, will be able to login to Wikacy and find a person who needs exactly what they do, and who does exactly what they need, only a few streets away or a across the great sea, if such task is of the nature of those which can be performed remotely.

And by all means, if the universe has blessed you with great worldly riches — and wisdom and love alike — hire someone and pay them in federal reserve notes to help them with their burdens inflicted upon them by the unwise, those who have not our Great Lore. It could be that by your willingness to hire peer-to-peer, this great home-made and user-owned app may grow; and one day, perhaps, even businesses will begin to see the value of hiring from within our wholesome network.

After all, we are the true human writers and storytellers of the earth, entrusted with the important task of guiding the realm of the story, that infinite world to which all souls seek solace from the current paradox, a fact well-known by all those who have made it their business to profit from your passionate spiritual labor, who have hijacked the miscreants and the malcontents of the world to generate news while subtly tricking the poor aspiring writer, who seeks only readers, to create wealth — the majority of which never finds its way to the author.

We have begun this quest with secret knowledge of what is to come, complimented by that map of the universal scheme, the wisdom to know it is we who, by our writing, create the world of tomorrow, first in thought, then in words, finally into the hearts of all souls through fiction and ideas expressed creatively.

Let us therefore launch our passion into the current social code with real acts of humanity and kindness, that it may spread to all people and plant the seeds of the most desperately needed crop in this entire dry, barren land…



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