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Origins of the Wizard

In the seventh Anuchian Age, year 7018, the counsel of Prophets commissioned Zarwik and the Seven Sentinels to embark on a journey to Dimension Earth. Their mission was to intervene on behalf of the Anuchian Realm, attempt to enlightened the human race, and learn all they could about the humans and the strange world. The planet earth was over a hundred million light years away, and it was necessary to assign another Anuchian Chief to the Chamber of Secrets while Zarwik was gone, in hopes they would be able to establish a line of communication with Ahn La Krane once they had reached dimension earth.

After much debate, the Anuchians chose the Son of Alar, from the ancient line of the Alarian Kings. Before departing Ahn La Krane, Zarwik escorted Alar into the Chamber and schooled him in all the knowledge of Wik, while the sentinels made careful plans for reconstruction of the chamber on earth.

Zarwik and the Seven Sentinels arrived in Dimension earth to discover a primitive land. They visited many different nations and peoples, and taught them mathematics, architecture, and religion. They taught mankind the secrets of agriculture, how to mine precious metals, and how to create a monetary system. They oversaw the construction of great monuments, and taught mankind how to study the stars. Once the humans became adept to architecture, Zarwik utilized their labor to build a reproduction of the Chamber of Secrets on earth.

Zarwik formed a particular admiration for a certain human named Enoch, who showed wisdom above all his peers. After teaching Enoch all the ways of the Anuchians, he brought him into the Chamber of Secrets, that he might be able to gain a level of knowledge equal to the Sentinels. For the Sentinels had become taken with the beauty of the daughters of men, and distracted from the main purpose of Zarwik.

Zarwik taught Enoch all the secret knowledge he had learned about the forces of Wik while in the Chamber of Secrets in An La Krane, and Enoch became very wise and powerful. Being a righteous man, and full of the purest integrity, he approached Zarwik one day and expressed his concern about the sentinels. “They have been taking wives of the children of men,” he said. “Such is not our way.”

Zarwik agreed with Enoch, and assured him he would address the matter. However, many weeks passed and the sentinels continued to lay with many human maids. There came a day when Zarwik left Enoch in charge of the Chamber while he travelled to another continent on a mission to establish a new relationship with a people far off. Enoch committed to a fast, in hopes the power of wik would guide him to the correct manner of dealing with the sentinels.

On the third day of his fast, The Anuchian King Alar appeared to Enoch while he was praying in the chamber. Enoch fell to his knees before the great Anuchian, and covered his face, for he thought that he had seen a God. But Alar bid him to rise and address him as a man, thus he shook off the dust from his tunic and faced the King.

It was then that Alar befriended Enoch, and told him the truth he had discovered of Zarwik. Alar showed him proof that Zarwik was a murderer, and that the Anuchians had discovered the true cause of the death of Alar’s father. He did not die from an unknown cause, as Zarwik had led the Anuchians to believe; rather, he was murdered, and Zarwik used his death as a pretense to gain power and leave to travel to earth to establish his own kingdom and race.
Enoch then told Alar of the perverse acts of the sentinels, and that Alar was using the humans to build his pyramids. But this was not news to Alar, for, being righteous at heart, he had gained great power and knowledge through the flame of Wik while Zarwik was away.

Alar revealed to Enoch Zarwik’s true purpose, and told him about the history of the Anuchians and the ancient order of Zar – the evil monetary system – how the Azarians had monopolized the planet through controlling its natural resources, and how his father Alar had defeated and abolished the Azarian Order long ago. Alar warned Enoch that if Zarwik succeeds in establishing a monetary system among man, the entire human species would become his slaves.

All of this settled heavily on Enoch’s heart, for he considered Zarwik a good friend and teacher. But he knew deep down everything Alar had said was true. He told Alar that he had felt something was wrong for a long time, but that Zarwik had done so much for him that he did not want to believe what his heart was telling him.

Alar warned Enoch not to reveal the conversation to Zarwik, but to trust that the Anuchians were setting a plan in motion for his arrest and imprisonment for the murder of Alar.

Thus, Enoch set his mind to the Flame of Wik, and swore allegiance to Alar and the Wikians.

The King Alar gathered a mighty force, and awoke the entire shadow dominion of the Wikians, those same soldiers who had defeated the Order of Zar so long ago – and embarked on a journey to earth. But Zarwik foresaw his coming, and, after much haste and persuasion amongst his laborers, he was able to complete the weapons of the Pyramids. Enoch, also, was among the council of Zarwik, but he was not made privy to the decisions of the council, but was made to stand sigil outside the Chamber while Zarwik summoned the great dark forces of wik. “A mighty weapon this realm shall be, against our enemies,” he prophesied. As he ascended the great pinnacle of the temple, the Sentinels surrounded the pyramid, positioning themselves on seven points, each facing the realm of his respective world. The clouds grew dark and troublesome as Zarwik lifted his hands toward heaven. A thick and consuming darkness fell upon the land, blocking the sun and the sky from the vision of men. A great tempest began to stir as Zarwik summoned his secret weapon with and, with violent shout, hurled The Wall of Darkness towards Alar and his vessel. As the darkness closed in, the sentinels mimicked their master, each in turn. To Enoch, their cries resembled the crash of seven mighty thunders.

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