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Rise of the Dark Wizard

It was during the Second Anuchian Age, long after the first Anuchian war, when the citizens of Ahn La Krane all but begged for a new ruler to take power.

Alar, their righteous king and savior, was no more. His body had been found in the center of the Temple of Wik, upon the alter of secrets; and, though there was much debate as to the cause of his death, the explaination which settled upon the hearts of the majority of his worshippers was that, having foreseen an unavoidable catastrophe, Alar had sacrificed himself in the spirit of love for his people, hoping that his gift to the eternal flame would aid them at the appointed time. Such an idea was not implausible. It had been less than a thousand years since the great revolutionary queen Celestine had done something similar, willingly boarding a doomed sentinel in order to transport her son and heir, Alar, to the safety of dimension earth, despite having full knowledge of a plan to annihilate her ship. To this day, it was a proverb in Ahn La Krane that, whenever one wishes to point out the absence of love and honor, they would say, “Where is the spirit of Azar? Where is the love of Celestine?”

The Counsel of Prophets quickly acquiesced to the will of the people, such was the intensity of the fear which had permeated the realm — the first hint that these occurances were not natural. Never had the council subjected itself to the pressures of society, however, never, in all the ages of Wik, had the Anuchians been so gripped by fear and uncertainty. Not even the war caused so much disorder. Since the beginning of all time, this advanced and sophisticated society enjoyed the highest standard of consciousness, having conquered all perceptions of space, time, and religion during their early generations. But, until now, there had never been a natural Anuchian death; and the prevalant question was, whether there would be more; and, if so, how many? Were they on the precipice of complete annihilation?

They needed answers. Zarwik stepped forward and offered them one.

There were those within the counsel who secretly plotted a resistance to Zarwik’s plan — the minority of the remnants of the Wikians, who payed closer attention to the events which were at play. However, having deep insight into the ripples of time and instances, they had been admonished not to openly protest, for they would have been perceived as mere opposers of progress by those who lacked their insight.

The Wikians, at that time, were the Keepers of the Golden Orn and the Seven Lores of Wik, having been untrusted with this responsibility by Azar himself since the days of the first technological revolution, when simple machines had been replaced by complex quantum devices, and hovercrafts by starships — the complete transformation of the Anuchian Galaxy which had taken place over a thousand years ago.

They were soon relieved of this duty. Zarwik’s first act as Prime Sentinel was to take possession of the Golden Orn and the Chamber of Secrets. Soon after, he was able to unlock the forgotten lore of the Dark Forces of Wik, sending him into the Chamber for many months, until one day he returned and set in motion his plans.

Little by little, the Anuchians bended to his powerful will, relinquishing more and more of their authority in the name of his Motion of Reinstatement, an initiative to return to the ancient Order of Zar.

Darkness covered the land. Zarwik had become invisible.

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