illustrative media

Space Axolotls

Keep an eye out for the next dynamic trio.  These three young axolotls are about to steal the stage as they embark on a space mission to save the future.

The story starts on the coast of South America, where three young axolotls are swimming around and enjoying their youth when they find a secret underwater door near the Gulf Coast.  Being curious little axolotls, they peek inside and discover an underwater time machine/space ship.  The ship belonged to a far advanced race of axolotls from the future, who have retuned after escaping a future apocalypse.  When they meet the three young natives, they recruit them on a mission to save the future.

The story goes from our time and our planet to a time far in the future and the infinite realms of space.   A story about a species and their determination to survive.  Of course, it will be funny, too.



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