Stories are Startups

Your stories are startups, and we are your crowd-funding.

We are starting to really amp up this whole storytelling business.  We have updated the Wikacy App with some awesome new tools for creating and promoting your stories, such as the new story gif maker, the video comic maker, and the ability to quickly share your stories with your friends who have not yet installed the app.  (Did you know one of the little video-comics from the app got over 20,000 views on Instagram?  Sometimes, simple and home-made can be the most inspiring, because the quality depends on your creativity, and creative people attract audiences.)

In addition, we are starting to implement pay-per-reads for writers, passing any ad revenue earned from ads displayed after your stories directly to you.  As our audience grows, this will convert into much-needed income for creators during these tough times.

Finally, stay tuned, because we are currently in the process of partnering with a very large Sketchfab community in order to streamline the development of your characters and stories into 3d art and realistic animations, so that when your story is ready, so will all the assets for your game or movie!  So be sure to complete your character profile in the app and upload some concept art, because your main character profile in Wikacy is your main character in the multiverse; and our goal is to make your character famous.

Imagine being able to turn your story concepts into an awe-inspiring film or game simply by writing it in the Wikacy App!  Then, imagine how much ad revenue you could earn when you share a link to your movie on social media!

Do you know the best thing about the story of Wikacy?  It is your story.  It is a dream to create something out of nothing with very little money or resources — only determination and a passion for storytelling.  Anybody can tell the Wikacy App was not made by or for the big tech giants, but by the little people, for the little people.

What an awesome opportunity this presents for new up-and-coming writers and artists –Those who create on Wikacy now will forever be the main gig on a new phenomenon, rather than just a number on the big commercial apps.  One day, your stories on Wikacy will be famous, and officially in the Wikacy Hall of Fame:)

We look forward to growing with you, as you grow with us.

Happy writing:)

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  • Duke

    Yes, Sir. The biggest startups.

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