Illustrative media - the elfstone door

The Door

“I know you, David. I have watched you since the day you were born. I watched you grow up, admiring how much of your father is in you. I cried when your dog died of heartworms. I wanted to come to you then, but I held back with painful perseverance as you buried him behind the old willow. But do not fret, my boy. Death was not the end for him. Neither shall it be for thine lady.” As the Wizard spoke, David Elfstone’s grip on the dagger pressed against his own heart began to loosen. The subtle hint of a tear formed, and he gasped, “How do you know all this?”

“David, there are things I can tell you now and some that I cannot. But know this! Everything you have ever felt wrong with the world is part of who you are, your destiny! You were not born in this world, and in this world, if I can help it, you shall not remain. There was an evil purpose for hiding you here, and I have sought you out diligently ever since.”

A chill ran down the young man’s spine as the he perceived the sincerity in the old man’s voice. This was no mentally ill conger, as his friends had said.
Everything the Wizard was saying touched him somewhere deep inside. “Is this to do with my dreams?”

“Ahh,” the Wizard replied. “My desperate attempt to communicate with you during my imprisonment, but not enough, I’m afraid.” As his eyes moved towards David’s dagger, the old man slowly lifted his hand and dismissed the blade, releasing it from the young man’s grasp. David allowed this as he studied The Wizard in more detail, taking note of his peculiar garb. But the respite was shortly over.

“None of this changes the fact that she is dead! I could not save her, the only person I cared about in the entire world!”

David lunged to retrieve his dagger, but his attempt to grip the old man’s arm produced nothing save a swipe through clean air. He stepped back in astonishment as his mind attempted to fathom what had just happened. The Wizard, perceiving David’s thoughts, seized the moment and lifted his staff. With one clean, crisp swipe, the end of the staff ignited with a brilliant blue, causing David’s eyes to widen as he beheld it. He watched in astonishment as the Wizard welded the outline of an archway between them, then filled it with a white, sparkling haze. As the Wizard returned the bunt of his staff to the ground, a brilliant blue and white doorway stood before the two men, burning brightly as the pressure of the air intensified.

David fell to his knees as the Wizard of Wik’s voice echoed from every direction, seeming to penetrate his very soul from the fathoms of time and space. “This is it, David Elfstone… Son of Alar… Rightful Heir to the Everlasting Dynasty of the Seven World’s of the Anukian Wik! Everything you are meant to be is through this door! Everything you have ever lost is behind you! All you have to do is decide. Rise, David Elfstone! We no longer have time to banter with doubt and foolishness! Rise, and become everything you know, deep down, you are meant to be! On the other side of this door is a journey to your destiny, a multitude of worlds waiting eagerly for your arrival! All you have to do is walk through it!”

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  1. Man I can’t wait for David and DragonBane to meet up!

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