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The Elfstone Embrace

When David’s vision came into focus, he could not believe what he saw. “Celestine.. is that you,” he barely whispered. It could not be real. He had watched the villagers of Lumbass burn her alive. How could this be?

But then he heard her voice…

“David, my love! She ran to embrace him, and when they came together their bodies merged into one as they cried… David was speechless. He did not understand how this could be, but neither could he try, so lost he was in the love he had become accustomed to since the day they had met. “Sweet Celestine,” he sighed. “My sweet princess… we are saved from that place.”

“What happened to me, David? Where are we?”

“Do not try to understand now, sweet girl.. for I do not yet fully comprehend. I only know that you are alive… and we are together… That is all that matters to me!”.

She lifted her head to look into his eyes, but he quickly pulled her back down into that spot between his shoulder and chin, where he could feel her breath on his neck, and her tears on his skin. He kissed her hair and pressed his cheek on her forehead as he tightened his embrace. “I make this vow, my love… Never shall I lose you again!”

“Oh David, why would you ever lose me?”

“Do you not remember what they did to you?”

“I did not even remember my name until I saw you, my love. All I remember is a dream, the strangest dream, and then I awoke in this strange forest, to the voices of children laughing at me. But When I searched for them, I could not find them.”

David loosened his arms enough to look her in the eyes now.. “Celestine… oh Celestine! You have been blessed above all women! If you do not remember the events which separated us, I will not torcher you by recounting them, even if I could bare repeating them, which I cannot. But I will tell you this. Do you remember the old magician? The one who was asking about me around the village? The day we fled?”

“How strange,” she mused in reply, “I do… I did not moments ago, but as you spoke the memories were restored….” She shook her head in bewilderment, then recovered, “The one you said was from the fort… the one who travelled with the soldier.”

David nodded. “He is a friend, my love! He knew my father!”


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