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The Knight Called Lancelot

Queen Vokatis and Carmel Golden Doodle were three days journey into the Forgotten Forest, when they came upon a young Knight bearing a cross upon his shoulder.

Carmel, being the curious dog she is, greeted the young man and asked, “Why do you carry that heavy cross upon your shoulders? Isn’t it heavy and burdensome to your journey?

The young knight smiled at Carmel and the Queen, then lifted the cross, set it down, and breathed a great sigh of relief.

“Whhffeeeew,” said the young knight. Now may I, at last, relieve my shoulder of this burden! For I am Lancelot, deputy to the Great King Arthur and student of Merlin, and I have been quested with this journey by the Court of the Knights of the Round Table, commissioned by Merlin himself and presided over by the King, to carry this cross and to not set it down from mine breast until mine eyes have laid upon the long-promised Warrior of the Golden Orn. And thou art she.”



Carmel and the Queen looked confused upon one another with buffleheads, and the Queen said unto the young knight, “What is this ‘Golden Orn,’ of which ye speak?”

“Ahhh!” said the young knight, who’s name was indeed Lancelot, (for behold is this quest not mentioned by Mallorie when he spoke of the quest for the Holy Grail). “YOU ART the ‘Golden Orn,” said the knight. “And I am to take you to meet the great Merlin, who shall help thee with this, thine quest, which is a quest for all free people – the Quest of the Lost Children.”

Thus Carmel and Queen Vokatis were escorted by the young knight called ‘Lancelot’ to the Court of the Knights of the Round Table, that ancient Camelot, the seat of the Once and Future King, Arthur and his worthy knights, to gain favor of the King, council from the Wizard, and guidance from the ancient lore to aid them on their quest for the lost children.

Stay tuned for the next episode!

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  • Barbara

    Hey! Super cool! Just had a chance to read it! I love it!

  • Pennywyze

    I’m downloading the app to my phone now. Can’t wait to read more! Nice beginning. Especially the pics of the guy in those t-shirts. To die for!

      • Pennywyze

        No problem, my friend. I love the graphics when I open the app. Those paws are cute. Kinda like they’re telling us to follow her on an adventure. 🙂

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