Illustrative media - the nephilim

The Seven Nephilim

“Take a seat,” said the Wizard of Wik, “And I will tell you about the seven nephilim.”

The companions did as the wizard beckoned and gathered around the fire in earnest curiosity.  They had been eagerly waiting for this lesson.  When they were all settled, the Wizard began…

“Each planet in our solar system was created as a prison for the fallen Nephilim.  They will be unbound during the apocalypse, and they will return to earth in fury.  Each Nephilim requires a separate lesson.  They are very powerful; but, if we stand together, we can defeat them.”

The Wizard gave each companion a quick glance as he measured their attentiveness.  After a few moments, he drew a deep breath, brought his staff to the center if his chest, and continued…

“The most powerful of them all, by far, is Helios.  Better known as Jupiter, Helios is the red eye on the planets surface, a giant storm many times the size of earth.  Helios was the most powerful of all the nephilim, and was later deified as a king of the gods by early civilizations.  When he returns to our dimension, he will enter in the likeness of a man.”

“Then there is Neptune.  He has power over the sea and all life therein.”

“Mercury, a teleporter, can be anywhere within a single dimension within the time it takes to blink an eye.”

“Saturn has the ability to incarnate and posses any living, non-sentient being.  He will come at you through plant-life, or he will poison the very food you eat.”

“Mars, a fallen archangel, thrives on war, and feeds off causing conflict. A great tactician, he is; and he will use earthly weapons of war, by and through your own nations.”

“Venus, obsessed with love and beauty, uses these elements to deceive and destroy.  Be very careful of those whom you call your friends and lovers, for he uses them at his will.  If they have not been awakened, they may be your enemy.”

“Uranus, the first king of the nephilim, has the power to combine and and mimic the power of them all.  God help you if you encounter him before you are ready.”

Pluto, operating from the realm of death, has the power to kill and destroy man through fear. He is a worthy adversary.”

The wizard seemed to relax as he took another deep breath and settled down with his pupils before the fire.

“All of the planets, except for Earth, were named after Greek and Roman gods and godesses. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury were given their names thousands of years ago. The other planets were not discovered until much later, after telescopes were invented. The tradition of naming the planets after Greek and Roman gods and goddesses was carried on for the other planets discovered as well. Mercury was named after the Roman god of travel. Venus was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Mars was the Roman god of War. Jupiter was the king of the Roman gods, and Saturn was the Roman god of agriculture. Uranus was named after an ancient Greek king of the gods. Neptune was the Roman god of the Sea. Pluto, which is now classified as a dwarf planet, was the Roman god of the underworld. The name Earth is an English/German name which simply means the ground.”

“But Greek and Roman mythology was only a watered down continuation of a much more ancient lore.  However, much truth was carried over.  Use all the knowledge you can.  Together, with my teachings, you can prepare yourselves.  And now I am tired.  I must sleep.  We will speak again tomorrow.”

As the Wizard made his way to his tent, the companions looked at one another with concern.  David was the first to speak.  “I wonder where he fits into all this,” he said.  “Where does he come from?”

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  1. So Saturn can cause pestilence and plagues?

    1. That’s what I got from it, too.

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