The Story of the Waggyverse App

We are super-excited to announce the beta web version of the new Waggyverse App and the Instant Book SDK!

The unique story of the Waggyverse App is worth mentioning here.  For those of you who are familiar with my labor to create a new type of publishing platform and social writing app, you know where my heart lies.  My dream has always been to inspire creativity in new authors and artists, and to provide a means of distribution designed to bypass all the hurdles of traditional publishing.  Since the majority of content today is monetized with ads, I wanted to create a way authors could earn with this same method and allow readers to read their books for free. 

But I was not satisfied with the small amount of income usually paid to web content creators through third-party ad networks.  I wanted to create a way authors could earn the majority of the ad revenue while providing and managing their own client portal. I wanted advertisers to be able to deal and pay the creators directly.

After over a year of hard work, research, and dedication, I developed the Instant Book SDK and the Instant Book Creator. The creator app provides a simple interface for creating digital books in the form of navigatable, actionable containers, and the Instant Book SDK allows third party sites and apps to display the Instant Books on their sites and share the ad revenue.

Advertisers can purchase advertising directly from the author, create their own ads, and determine how the ads are displayed.  They can also work directly with the author while a book is being created to create native, brand-specific content.

Ads can be displayed with the social preview image of the book, on or above the cover, on or under any page, and even mixed into the content of the books.  Advtertisers can also work with brands to create detailed calls to action after the end of the book or any chapter, in the form of links to landing pages, native forms to collect information, or in-app “Buy Now” buttons.

And the best part is, “ads” are not really ads. They are native content created from an author’s sincere support for products and brands which have supported them. It is a community-oriented concept which has an overall positive and heartwarming effect on the readers.

Advertisers can also sponsor an author or a book and build long-term relationships and mutually beneficial campaigns.  The advertiser is promoted everywhere the author promotes their book, and readers learn that advertisers are supporting this new method of monetization for the small creator. 

My original plan was to release the Instant Book SDk as a new feature of the Wikacy App.  After months of working closely with two pet-based authors, Barbara Vokatis and David Willingham, I have decided the pet community is a perfect demographic to launch this idea.  I have found the pet community on social media are the most engaged demographic.  I have found pet-brands, especially the small businesses, are most willing to work directly with other accounts for their mutual benefit. 

We published two beta apps to explore the possibility of building and growing a community of pet lovers and pet influencers who would benefit from this project, The Carmel Therapy Dog App and the Booker World App. They both have a simple feed for sharing stories, books, and images, and for transforming images with cartoon effects.  Now that we are ready to launch the Instant Book SDK, we are ready to take these apps to the next level and integrate the Instant Book Creator and Instant Book SDK!

In addition to the two beta apps, we are now set to launch the Waggyverse App to serve as a tool to allow the admins of companion apps and other third-party Instant Book distributors to manage their apps, their users, and advertising contracts.  Advertisers will manage their ad-campaigns and view detailed analytics on how their ads are performing, add new products, and customize their page and profile. 

We also have plans to allow businesses to create affiliate programs and trackable links, so that they can track when a customer has reached their store from Waggyverse content shared in social media or other websites and apps.

The same ads and native promotional content display everywhere the Instant Books are displayed.  Third-party websites and apps can add a simple line of code to their apps and display the books according to category, topic, or keyword.  If the book is viewed on a third-party site, the third-party earns a portion of the revenue for each ad displayed, and the source of the display is logged for all parties.

The Instant Books can also be configured to allow the reader to purchase the ebook or printed version of the book, in which case the third party would earn a commission.

To compliment the new Waggyverse App and provide even more value for our users, we are currently developing a feature which will allow users to deploy their own online e-commerce stores, import products from Printify, and create products manually. 

If you are a pet-based brand and interested in sponsoring one of our apps or books, check out our crowdfunding page at the link below.

Feel free to signup and try out the beta web version of the Waggyverse App.  Create your Instant Book and try out this new way to distribute and monetize books. As we prepare to launch for production, we welcome all authors and creators interested in forming a partnership.  You can create an Instant Book as a way to provide a preview of an existing published book, or simply use it to tell your story and share it with the world.  

And stay tuned for more, as we have plans to integrate many features which will provide great value and much needed income for small authors, pet brands, and the entire pet community. 

We invite you to come share in this dream!

Try out the demo here:


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