The Wall of Darkness

A parade of soldiers greeted the great Kah Zar with a bow of homage. As he emerged from the transporter, he turned towards the pinnacle of the great temple, where the Flame of Zar burned darker than ever. He could taste destiny in the air of Ahn Lah Krane as he paused for the traditional moment, eyes focussed on the flame in reverent concentration. For Zahrul, this was a significant time. He was the chief of the seven sentinels who were dispatched to search for the very prize he now held, and he has now returned in great victory, for he was about to deliver unto the Mighty Emperor the last item needed to complete the full restoration of the Order of Zar. Now they could restore themselves to the power they had long ago, before they had embarked on the first journey to earth. Before they were bound on those horrible rocks. Zahrul revelled in satisfaction as he began to prepare his mind for true power, once again.

“Cloak the old one,” he commanded the soldiers. “But leave the earthling unbound and free. We shall discover whether he really be of Og.” As the guards rushed to obey this command, a gentle breeze began to blow atop the landing pad. Zahrul glanced around the great lights of the city, recalling the last time he had stood in this very spot. The high chambers of wik had been defiantly bright on that day, but none of there lights could be seen now. Never again shall any Anuchian dare to resist the Order, he mused. If they think they witnessed a great power then, they will soon realize they have seen nothing yet. A story was about to be told to all dimensions, and no realm shall escape what is about to come. As the thought settled in his mind, Zahrul turned towards the shuttle, where his guards were now ushering the prisoners into a circle of soldiers.

“Mighty Kah Zar, we have completed self-authentication,” spoke a soldier with a distinguished helm. “We may proceed.” As Zahrul moved past the guards, he noticed a slight buzzing sound coming from one of their VR units, causing him to pause to determine the owner. The Wizard, who was now just a few yards behind the Kah Zar, paid close attention to the sounds. “What’s going on,” whispered to Bruce.

“I don’t know. That reptilian has stopped for some reason.”

As Zahrul approached the soldier in question, he reached over his shoulder and withdrew his scythe. The soldier began to plead for his life, kneeling down before the Kah Zar. “Great Kah Zar, it only began just now. It was in perfect condition moments..” The soldier’s words were cut short by the lightning speed of the Kah Zar as he snatched the transponder from its helm. The soldier now lay prostrate before the Kah Zar, pleading for mercy as Zahrul held and inspected the unit.

“Guards. Get inside, NOW!” But it was too late. The soldiers could have been made of stone, so still and quiet they were. Zahrul made to repeat the command, but he, too, was frozen stiff. The Wizard, perceiving the moment, beckoned for Bruce to remove his hood. When he was free of it, he looked up and to the south. Bruce’s eyes followed the Wizards, and then he, too froze, but not from the same force which had paralyzed the soldiers and the Kah Zar. In the distance, about a mile or so away, covering the entire horizon, from east to south, was a giant wall of pure darkness.

The Wizard turned to his left, then to his right, searching the sky around them. “What is that,” Bruce asked him. “What the heck is that?”

“Relax, my friend,” the Wizard replied, as he continued to scan the horizon. “That, Bruth, is our help!” And just as he spoke, the hull of a large hovercraft rose above the edge of the temple. The wizard smiled as the vessel came to a halt just above the two prisoners. A light then appeared from the underside of the vessel, and a figure in a cloaked suit descended upon a skyboard.

“We must be quick!” the figure said, drawing a phaser as he pointed to the Wizard’s bonds. “Here, turn around.” With one pulse from the phaser, the wizard’s hands were freed, then all three men climbed onto the skyboard.

As they rose into the sky, Bruce gave one last glance to Zahrul, who was still frozen as though time itself had come to a halt. The soldiers, also, were stiff.

As the three figures climbed into the main vessel, Bruce took a deep breath, then exhaled and glanced at the Wizard, who was still smiling.

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