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The Wikacy Business Plan

This business plan is so simple, nobody has ever thought about it.

Until now, that is.

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When  startups seek investors, they submit a business plan setting forth in great detail their method of monetization.  I wanted to submit this article to all people in order to give everyone a clear understanding of the benefits of joining this endeavor to create a user-owned digital publishing platform and metaverse.

But first, allow me to clarify my headline.  Nobody has ever thought about it is not entirely accurate.  Our business model has been successful many times, by some of the most powerful companies in the world.  Well, half of it.  You see, this exact business model has been followed by Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, Amazon, Tik Tok, Instagram, and just about every major content platform out there, with great success.  The only difference is, all of the existing platforms only profit a few individuals, except for the companies which have gone public.  In that case, they also profit the stockholders.

But in the Wikacy Business Model, every user who creates a profile and shares content is a stockholder, so to speak.

On Facebook, you create content, they display ads between your content, and they earn billions.  On Wikacy, you create content, can display your own ads or opt into displaying ads from our ad-networks, and you are the one to earn. When you gain a significant audience, we develop and platform you with YOUR OWN APP!

Now, any new website or app setting out to create a high-value content platform starts at the very bottom, and the bids on the ads are minimal.  But, as the platform grows and more and more people join, the traffic increases, and the bids go up, sometimes in the millions.

Facebook is now worth over 450 Billions dollars.  They only have 2 billion users.  It is not hard to fathom how such a platform could be used to profit the users instead of only the app.

With a user-first business model, we can create a social metaverse which will actually convert social media time into a constructive activity for billions of people.  Once people realize there is an app which pays them instead of just the corporations, one can predict a viral reaction.

Currently, we are in the process of growing our traffic and increasing our minimum  bids for ad-space; but as we grow, there will be a strong appeal for companies to want to purchase direct ads, where we will earn much more.  In this business plan, companies will be able to partner with the users directly, with each user owning and managing there own ad-portal and dashboard.  When brands find your content, they will have the option to purchase ads directly from you.  And your ad-value will not be limited to Wikacy.  Companies will be able to pay you to promote them across all platforms.  

Unlike Youtube, which merely pays creators a small portion of their ad-revenue, Wikacy will allow you to earn 100% percent of it.  Wikacy will only earn revenue from ads and promotions displayed on our own pages and content, books published under our official canon, and additional games and apps we develop based on the stories of the creator we partner with.  And every user will own a portion of this fund in addition to their own based on the amount of content they have contributed to the platform as well as financial contributions during our current crowd-funding stage.

Tutorials, courses, entertainment, animation, art, fiction, non-fiction — all these interests can now be monetized by a new model designed to maximize benefits for the creator.

Digital content and web-traffic monetization is one of the many revenue-streams available in this digital age.  Profits from books, games, films, merchandise, and ecommerce products will avail themselves as a natural result of this new concept.  However, unlike a privately held company, each of these streams will be shared between all users.  And micro-services, Saas, and other digital services will be launched as companion, community-owned apps, such as our Instant Book SDK.

This is the world’s only user-owned startup, and I encourage you to join this project and help build this dream for all people.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can create a profile here.


Disclaimer: The author of this article earns 100% of any revenue generated by the following promotions.



If you are an investor, you can contribute to our crowd-funding campaign here. At any time you can log into your dashboard and check the progress of our fund, our ad-revenue, and the steps we are taking to develop and grow the features which will create our success. If you are an advertiser, we are offering special early-bird promos for premium placement throughout our website and apps. Contact to learn more.


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    Absolutely revolutionary! I can see why the big book publishers do NOT want authors to know about this!

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