Three Things Devs Should Never Do in the Ghetto

You have discovered the extremely powerful world of web and mobile app development and have created an app.  

But, you live in the ghetto, and you are around people everyday which do not really understand the level of your excitement or appreciate the feeling of achievement you are experiencing.

You are not alone.  People from all walks of life have embarked on the journey of building and publishing apps.  It is ok to feel a little different than the people around you; however, to aid you on this journey, I have created this list of the three things you should absolutely never do if you are a web or mobile app developer who lives in the ghetto:

1.  Never try to get people to download your app in the line at the corner store. 

You must understand that people who do not create code for apps but merely use them everyday will not be able to make the association.  In other words, to them apps just are.  They are not built by people, but by a sort of distant god-like corporation they have been unknowingly enslaved to all their lives.  So if you tell them you built an app and are trying to get people to download and review it, they will think you are crazy.  They will not believe any person the likes of you can build and publish an app.  Even if they did believe you, they will not download your app because they will be caught off guard by the new revelation you have brought to them and will instinctively be jealous of you or feel like you are trying to show off or act like you are smarter than them, even if you are not.

2. Never try to promote your app at the bus stop.
Same reasons as above.  No need to repeat.

3. Never, ever, EVER call your app “my app” to anybody, even when you are not in the ghetto. 

Wherever you are and whatever you do, never call your app “my app.” Famous people and millionaires can have apps, but people like you cannot. At least not according to slave-minded people. So when you call your app “my app,” you diminish it’s value.  Call it the name listed on the app stores, but never call it “my app.” If you tell anyone about it, just refer to it as a really cool app and ask them to get it and hit you up on it.  Maybe you have a music app and know some local artists. But if you tell them it is your app, they will not want anything to do with it.  

You must understand the subtle indoctrination the corporate apps have programmed into normal people – the attitude that we are all competing against each other for attention.  To other people, it is every man (or woman) for themselves; and you will never be able to change the way people have been programmed to think.  You are better off playing along with the dumbing down of society and trying to benefit off it somehow.  If you can stay behind the scenes and promote your app for the value it has and some how use it to help people, without associating it with yourself, that is the best way to do some good in the world as a developer.

I hope you have enjoyed this advice.  If you have experienced any of the above, feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments. 


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