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It’s February. Therefore, it’s hard to avoid the buzz around Valentine’s Day. I was always amazed at the attention this day receives every year, trying to understand why we have to have only one day devoted officially to love. Of course, I do realize that this is also a huge commercial day of the year as many gifts are bought to celebrate love. But, is this how we should celebrate love? To me, every day should be a day we live with love, for love, and in service of love. Love is something you cannot touch to measure its importance but it is the most crucial feeling in the world, capable of changing the most difficult circumstances; no other emotion has this kind of power.

One of the most influential people in this world, Mother Teresa, is known for incredible acts of love and also her inspirational sayings about love. Her love, incredible sacrifice, and beauty touch me every time I think of her. In one saying, she said that in order for love to be real, it must empty us of self. Let’s repeat this: For love to be real, it must empty us of self. I couldn’t agree with this statement more, and this applies to any kind of love: to our spouse, to a boyfriend or girlfriend, to a child, to regular people we should love every day, and of course to incredible animals that God gave us to cherish and take care for. What does it mean to you to empty love of your self? To me, it means that the happiness of someone I love is something I always need to consider in my thoughts. I have my own idea about my happiness as well, but when I think of the bond I have with everyone around me whom I love, I must consider their happiness and their idea of happiness as well. Selfishness and love do not go together in any way.

Mother Teresa also said that if we judge people, that means we don’t really have the time to love them. Of course, it’s very hard to avoid judgement. We judge people every day, every time we interact with them. But I have discovered over time that when I diminish my judgement, I enter a certain liberation zone that helps me love people more, the way they are, and appreciate every bit of brilliance they do all have. It is then also when I realize how lucky I am to be alive to have the chance to love everybody who crosses my path.

Finally, let’s think about what we can do every day to show more love around us, and especially to animals and children who need us. You don’t have to make revolutionary changes in your life, but just with a simple addition, you may contribute to love as being more pronounced in the world. Think about what you might do. I chose dog therapy to show my love for many children but you did not have to. It can be anything else. You can even try a simple and thoughtful activity. When you encounter a difficult situation in life and the situation will involve other people, just ask yourself: What would love do in the situation? Just like that.

From our dog therapy team to you with love,

Barb and Carmel


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  • TheWizard

    Every act of love is a world-changing event, no matter how small.

    • Barbara

      I was reflecting with someone on this whole thing about Valentine’s Day and when I was reflecting, this blog idea popped in. I guess writing is now a big part of me, even in casual talk. Lol

      • Daniel

        It is wonderfully written. And this is a good video for your YouTube channel!

          • Barbara

            Oh, never mind. I saw it.

  • Daniel

    Look @Barb it shows how many times this link has been liked on Facebook.

        • Barbara

          Well, I see absolutely nothing like that but I’m checking on the phone. Maybe I should check on my desktop.

          • Daniel

            Clear your browser cookies and cache

  • Daniel

    We need many more reads a month to qualify to have our articles show up in Facebook instant articles in the news section.

    • Barbara

      Well, I did clear history and all of this. But I still don’t see the views. Do you have to click on the video here to see the views? Lol

      • Daniel

        Oh I just noticed you have to be logged in to facebook.

      • Daniel

        so it will work when someone on facebook visits the article in facebooks webview, or if they have facebook open in another browser window on desktop

  • Daniel

    i still say this is the best post yet!

    • Barbara

      Seriously? It took very little time to write, actually. It was already in my head anyway. Why ? What makes is good according to you?

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