An Axolotl Adventure

Can two children save their father from an evil time sentinel?

Find out in The Wizard of Wik and the Space Axolotls on Google Play Books!

And be sure to check out our Audiobook Premieres as we release each chapter for free, both here and on YouTube – and follow along with this never-ending story about transformation, redemption, and destiny!



If you are a writer or creator, feel free to request some custom AI voice renders for your content.

Did you know you can create your own axolotl character, or any character you believe will fit, and share in authoring this series?  This is why we created Wikacy — so that many aspiring writers could write, create, and grow a name together as a team.  You can even create your own storyline and invite others to help with proofreading, editing, or just feedback.

It’s fun writing with a community of people who genuinely want to read and support new writers and creators.  Give it a try and come write with us.

And don’t forget to check out this awesome debut novel!

Disclaimer: Wikacy App allows users to monetize stories and articles through the below recommendations.  The author of this story could earn a commission should you visit any of the promos below and make a purchase.  Thank you for visiting us!

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