Bring Balance to the Force

We can bring balance to the force…

Free speech has become subject to the algorithms of the large corporate-owned platforms who have decided to promote one agenda over all others.  If the people do not unite and build apps with an opposite algorithm, freedom will be lost, and the next generation will only know what Big Tech and the government want them to know.

But if we unite as one people and make an educated decision to support, write, create, and share content on apps built with a new concept for social media, we can bring much-needed balance to the forces of big tech.

When I first began to conceive the idea for Wikacy, my only goal was to create a writing app which would allow aspiring writers to get real feedback on story ideas and concepts.  I never intended to monetize for myself.  I purposely built the app with an algorithm which would pay the individual %100 ad-revenue.  Part of my motivation for this was the negative experiences I had on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon, where a new writer has little chance of ever building an audience or growing a name.

I would see the simplest and most trivial posts and tweets receive thousands of likes and engagements, while the small accounts who were desperately trying to get the word out about their stories would be ignored by the entire writing community.  I noticed the same thing on Facebook, Instagram, and, especially, Amazon, where the algorithms of these platforms give small accounts only enough engagement to sucker them into purchasing ads — no more, no less.

So I wanted to build a medium-styled writing app which would give every writer equal exposure and allow them to receive genuine feedback from real readers without charging them a fee, subjecting them to ads, or trying to convince them to spend money on editors and proof-readers.  I also wanted to create a platform which would allow new authors to publish and sell novels commission-free.

But with everything going on in the world today, I realized this concept is needed in a much broader area.  It is needed in social media and the entire internet in general.  The large platforms of this world have far too much power, and the only way to counter what seems to be an organized effort to control what people see and read is a new concept of social media and digital publishing — an algorithm which gives every voice an equal opportunity to be heard.

If we all join together, we can bring balance to the force.  It will not be easy, and many developers will be needed to create all the aspects of such an idea, but it is a cause worth fighting for more than any cause I know, for all others depend on it.

If you believe in this idea, do not hesitate to help.

Go ahead and start now by creating a post on Wikacy.

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