Carmel Therapy Dog App

While many are building the Metaverse, a group of pet-lovers are working hard to build a new type of experience – the Waggyverse.

Anyone who has ever seen any of the super-cute animal videos on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube has experienced the amazing therapeutic power of pets on the digital screen.   But this new line of pet-based books and apps seeks to bring that experience home to people in a new way.

What started as a project to build an app based on a therapy dog named Carmel, trained and handled by Barbara Vokatis, author of The Amazing Power of Dog Therapy, From Unruly to Therapy Dog, and an upcoming children’s book to be released in the app, has grown into a full-fledged campaign to create a new type of pet-based social media, publishing house, and game engine.

Scheduled for release January 1st, 2021, the Carmel Therapy Dog App is one of two pet-based apps being launched as part of what has come to be called The Waggyverse.  In the app, which is intended for young children as well as pet-lovers of any age, children and parents will be able to read and create stories, play games, and experience Carmel the therapy dog in a way designed to teach important life-lessons.  The Booker World App is scheduled for release the same day, followed by the Booker Tunes App shortly after.

Users will be able to cartoonize images of their own pets, give treats and reactions provided by sponsors, and share images and videos of their pets doing all the amazing things pets do.

Animated gifs, videos, and custom reactions will be based on real products and services for pets, such as pet food, pet clothing, and pet services.  When a user gives a gift as a reaction, they are shown details of the gift they gave with a link to the sponsor who provided it.  Likewise, the user who received the gift will receive a notification of the gift.  In this way, users will be able to learn about all the many great pet-products and services available for their own pets.

The Waggyverse seeks to provide a new way for pet influencers, content creators, children’s book authors, and pet lovers alike to spread the cheer of pets and raise awareness of their own creations and brands in a new way.  Pet brands and companies can get involved in this project before the official release to show support and reserve premium placements and exposure in the app.

We look forward to seeing how people respond on January 1st!

Posted on December 22, 2021 by Daniel

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    That is true! All and a new way! Thank you for writing this! It is a fabulous piece! You have articulated the concept so well! ♥️♥️♥️

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