Let this day forever be memorialized in internet history.

The algorithm Big Tech tried to stop has been independently launched and now proven to work.

We have earned our first $100 through web monetization. As promised, 100% of these funds will be divided between the contributors according to each creator’s respective content/earnings ratio.

This is only the beginning.

The new app will have fully transparent analytics dashboard where you will be able to view your share and the global fund in real time, schedule payouts, and optimize your content). In addition, you will see what we see and know the app is taking NONE for itself.

As a side note, we know this was not even on-platform earnings. This means it was generated by sites which liked your content and displayed it on their sites and apps. What this shows is this can only grow as we attract more and more passionate people who believe in their mission and decide to share it on WikacyApp

Let’s break Venmo with payments to our members!

We are the very first app ever specifically built on the opposite algorithm, to monetize for the users instead of the app. This is revolutionary! You know money is not our focus, but the basic needs of our users ARE. And this will be the only time we ever post about money.

This was earned by three of our most active users during the Month of March, with minimal content. As we grow the bids go up. Most importantly, because you are the only one who profits from your content, you also own full liability, meaning we cannot censor you and cannot be asked to censor you under the law of contracts. And this is the real benefit of this model. Nothing the app does is motivated by its own profit or by the “bottom line” concept which causes businesses to destroy the world, but by pure love and good-will for humanity.

Now, invite your friends and lets scale this up to billions, not for the sake of money, but to prove the USER-OWNED business model works!

People do not have to be subjected to ads, data mining, manipulative algorithms, and censorship. The people of the world can own their own platform and generate income which will make Mark Z’s bank account look like a petty fund.

Don’t fall for the next corporate scheme claiming to want to change the world if they do not adopt the USER-OWNED business model!

And we are just getting started. Together we will write software, engage in collaborative writing and development of microservices, e-commerce, and anything our users create and want to launch with a community of like-minded supporters.

Amazon can be replaced by a platform owned by the users.

Facebook can be replaced by a platform owned by the users.

Google can be replaced by a platform owned by the users.

And we haven’t even launched our Instant Book SDK yet! Coming very soon!

One day we will have the television, news apps, and anything our users decide to create on this system.

Wikacy earns NOTHING from your content!

We can build apps together powered by independent servers and end-to-end encryption and privacy.

We can process credit card transactions with ZERO fees.

We can launch satellites and become our own internet providers

We can build our own mobile phones and cell towers (or the first completely free quantum-binary phone which is in the works).

We can build, ship, sell, create, and prosper without any corporations – a completely self-sufficient society within a society.

Authors can sell books and receive 100% of the price! Not only that, they will never have to pay advertisers or promoters, as each book will be instantly distributed to the world as an embeddable or installable instant app or card container displayed in hundreds of apps, where they can order a hardcopy printed instantly on demand.

We are just getting started.

All the problems people face today caused by the structural violence of the monetary system SOLVED.💯

In addition, our users will also own their share of a brand new peer-to-peer blockchain powered by this user-owned platform. Trade amongst yourselves and start businesses which will accept goods and services as payment in the first resource/value based crypto – noCoin!

We are just getting started!

Help us test #WikBeta before release on all platforms.

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