Dawn of Somgigalopopa

The Aztec Nation did not begin as most people believe…

It was the dawn of the current world paradox. The axis of the earth had shifted, entire civilizations displaced. Some were sent far away, across the vast ocean, to a land of thick jungles.

And gold.

Zarwik knew their was an entire continent rich in the mineral he sought; and he needed laborers to work the mines. So he sent a great multitude through the void, and set a new God over them — Somgigalapopa.

Somgigalapopa was a child when Zarwik found him. He had lost his father and mother during the construction of the first pyramid, memories Zarwik knew he could use against him. For human pain was the first thing Zarwik learned to exploit.

A mere youngling, with no father or mother, wandering in the wilderness, having no identity or purpose, he searched for no water to quench his thirst, having set himself on the path of death, he sought his ancestors in the land of the living.

In the barren desert, the sun scorching his young brow, his strength failed, and he collapsed in the sand.

And Zarwik picked him up.

Zarwik carried Somgigalapopa into the Chamber of Secrets, and commissioned servants to care for him. He was educated by Zahrul, the Prime Sentinel. As he grew in knowledge, seven priests were chosen from among men, to serve his oblations, and to forge the nucleus of his religion, carefully crafted by Zarwik himself, over which the young god would become the figurehead.

“I will place the fear of you upon all the indigenous of the land, and you will sit upon my seat in the Temple of Zar. To all men, ye shall be God, and I will be thine Lord.”

“What shall be the price of this honor,” asked Somgigalapopa.

“The land you will rule contains something I need, something I must have in abundance. You will make sure I obtain it.” Zarwik lifted his eyes toward the False Red Star. Somgigalapopa followed Zarwik’s gaze.

“I have sent priests to prepare your way. By the time you arrive, your temple shall be ready. To ensure the people obey you, I will carry you there in the sun. And when you descend from the sky, ye shall have no memory of Somgigalapopa the lost boy.”

As Zarwik spake, a great darkness stirred within the abyss of his eyes, and Somgigalapopa perceived a tempest of clouds, and thunder. And when it seemed that he would be consumed if he continued to hold his gaze upon on the great Anuchian, he attempted to turn away. But Zarwik held his head firm, and looked full upon him, though he did not touch him. And Somgigalapopa felt a tremor stir within, a darkness he could not resist; and it increased in power, and wrath.

And Somgigalapopa closed his eyes, and beheld a vision. An entire history of a people lost in time, a man in shiny armor, coming to take his throne; and he beheld his own death, and wept. But then his tears became rage, and questions formed in his mind as his eyesight returned.

But Zarwik was gone. And around him was a great burning wall of fire, and it encapsulated him, and he perceived that he was swirling through time and space.

And it was then that Somgigalapopa understood the vision – the glory of his reign, and the details of his end, though it had no effect upon him, for he now understood the unlimited power of his patron; and there was no choice but to obey.

As the fire waned, a blue sky opened before his eyes. Below, a green earth, surrounded by an endless sea of trees, passed beneath his feet, until the sun cast it’s rays upon a great temple, at the pinnacle of which stood a priest, who held in his right hand a human head — the body for which lay upon an altar. Before the temple, a million people bowed in homage before the rising sun, and the dawn of Somgigalapopa.

As Somgigalapoa descended upon his new world, the bloody head tumbled down the great steps of the temple, he felt a vergence — the life of his first sacrifice — absorb into his own spirit, as the high priest led the congregation in worship.

But the spirit did not stay long, for as soon as it came, Zarwik come to ferry it away; and it was gone.

As Somgigalapopa took his place on his high throne, the bright rays of the golden sun turned into darkness and blood.

It was the Dawn of Somgigalopopa…

Posted on July 13, 2021 by GameStory

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