Don’t Always Write Alone

Every writer gets stuck every now and then…

It’s an awful feeling — you know you have a great story idea, and you have the beginning of an awesome chapter, but then, your mind goes blank…

That is where Wikacy App can help.

In Wikacy, we all write together, and help each other build characters, plots, and worlds.  Sometimes, when you bounce an idea off another writer, ideas start flooding in.   You can even start dialogues, which others can respond to as one of your characters – literate role-play!  If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot.  You will be amazed by the creativity of a community of like-minded writers joined with a single goal.

So don’t be shy to start a story in your docs, a roleplay, or a concept art. We will all help, and you will see what a great way to write this is.   If you have an image of your scene or your character, upload it and give the community an idea of what you are trying to create.   As other writers jump in, you will see your story starting to develop organically; and you can pick which contributions you want to keep.

Its almost like having hired writers — only, this is free.

That’s all for now.  You know I always keep it short and sweet:)

Happy writing, everyone.

Wikacy Team


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