How to Reprogram a Terminator

We must create apps and programs to support liberty and decentralization of technology and cloud resources, or the machines will be able to use every advancement in technology to stomp us into oblivion.

If you thought this was a parody, it is not.

Every major advancement in AI is being used to suppress liberty and empower large corporations.  It is vital to the survival of liberty that small developers unite and create algorithms, libraries, and programs for the preservation of liberty — programs which will give control to the millions of internet users rather than those who own the servers.



This can be accomplished through a conscious effort on the part of small developers and businesses all over the world.  There are many ways to use existing integrations in the same way.  For example, user data.

Instead of building integrations which use data gleamed from users’ interests to create more relevant ads, we can use it to find much needed free resources offering the same services or products.  Let’s make apps to help people rather than just get in their pockets.

Most important, it is time developers start thinking along these lines, for, in the end, after all the technology and resources are gone, people and relationships will be the only thing left.

If you have an idea of an existing program or service we can reprogram, please share in the comments.

Let’s start capturing the T900 Terminators and reprogramming them for the Resistance!

Posted on August 10, 2021 by TheWizard

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