Lore of Paradox

Many have attempted to set in order the true history of mankind’s decent into the current paradox. The dark forces at work upon the earth have all but wiped out the last remnants of the knowledge of the truth. Even the history of the Anunnaki and the great war of the gods has been obscurred to the point where it is almost impossible to discover the origins of the events which set the human species on it’s current path.

But there is now hope. There is one who has returned to earth to restore truth to mankind. This is an excerpt from the Lore of the Paradox, when it was decided that Enoch would be returned to our world.

In the early part of the third millenium, according to time as we know it, the great Counsel of Wik decided the only way mankind would ever know the truth is if they returned the Wizard of Wik to dimension earth.

It was not easy for the Counsel to come to this decision. They were well aware of the risk they would be taking if they sent Enoch back to earth. Zarwik and his sentinels were constantly searching for the last vestiges of the reign of Alar, and if they were able to capture the Wizard of Wik, while he was in his human form, there was a chance they would be able to find the lost Children of Wik; for, within Enoch was the hidden secrets of Alar and the Seven Lores.

But the counsel also knew the only way to defeat Zarwik and his sentinels was to awake the lost children, for Zarwik had complete and utter control over mankind through his money-based world system, having corrupted all forms of communication with false stories; and only the Children of Wik, united in one mind, could plant the seeds of true knowledge in the hearts of those souls suffering under the oppression of the Order of Zar.

There was a mage of the Wikians named Noah Mandar. It was he who, after the death of Alar, agreed to serve as a spy for the Alarians. He had befriended Enoch in the early days, when the earthling was first brought to Ahn La Krane by King Alar himslef. He played a key role in the training of Enoch; and he vowed to always be truthful with him and protect him with his life, if need be.

When the cousel reached its decision, they bade Mandar carry the news to Enoch, for they knew of the close relationship between the Anuchian and the earthling. The old mage approached the wizard as he was making his way toward the Chamber of Secrets, at his appointed hour. “Old friend,” he said. “It is no small privilege to be the one chosen to foretell thine coming journey.”

Enoch smiled as the old mage approached. “Then I shall bid thee make no suspense,” he replied, “for my days are yet young, but my heart has grown old with weary.”

Noah embraced his friend, and the two souls smiled upon one another for a time. Then, Mandar’s countenance turned stern. “It has been decided,” he announced. “You are going home to find the hidden seed of Alar.”

As Noah spoke these words, a warm smile formed on the face of the old wizard. “I have no need to question, then,” he exclaimed, “for thine words have always held true.”

“The Counsel has called you” my friend. ” We must prepare you for the path to the pinnacle of the chamber.”

Thus, the Wizard of Wik was escorted by Noah Mandar to the great counsel of prophets. All the chief lords were present, many of them holding gifts for their champion. For, word of the counsel’s decision had been published throughout all of Ahn La Krane; and the spirit of the people were ignited by a great hope. The time they all had been waiting for had finally come.

Posted on March 8, 2021

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