Space Axolotls Book

I cannot believe all the support we have received for Space Axolotls, now on Google Play Books!

In this debut novel, an ancient story god finally finds an ancient species of celestial people who have been hidden in dimension earth as a special group of axolotls.

In the next book, the axolotls and the story traveler will be finding their human cousins, an ancient magical people known as the “lost children of wik.”

Are you one of these supernatural beings, hidden in the current earth-paradox?

Find out as you write your part of the next book!

Create you character, your art, your storylines and your legend. Write your part of the next book and share in all the proceeds of the franchise!

Sign up for Wikacy and join the group Space Axolotls.

Oh, by the way, even if you have no skill at character design, you can find pre-built character assets through our partner links below, and we will help you develop and customize your characters.

Disclaimer:  If you happen to follow the below recommendation, the author of this story may earn a commission if you make a purchase.  This is how Wikacy monetizes for our creators, and our global fund is used to help all our members promote their content.

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