The Rise of Wik

The bulk of The Wizard of Wik’s power lies in the ability to pull your stories from the story realm and make them reality. He can travel to all stories, as he inhabits the world of consciousness.

As the hermetic scrolls declared long ago, all is mind. Everything which happens in our reality originates in consciousness. He has caused many revolutions throughout history by whispering into the ears of the most inspirational writers of all time. In these last days he will unite the remnant of the children of Wik to seize absolute control of the media and the channels of digital communications. He will reveal to many the secrets of technology the current rulers have been hiding, such as the true capabilities of quantum mechanics, and we will be able to harness the energy of Wik, which no company can control.

We will soon see a drastic change in the power structure of the world as all companies are compelled to make a choice as to whether to support the people or whether to fight against them. All advertising revenue must be paid to the users who create the content, this they will have to decide. Those who support the people will rise, and those who do not will fall.

It is in this manner the power of Wik will become the dominate force in this world, and usher us into a new era.

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