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Read Space Axolotls on Google Play Books, create your character and plot for Book Two, become a co-author and co-owner in the books, films, games, and everything which results from this amazing story.

By combining our resources and writing as one, we can establish a presence on Google Books no small person could otherwise achieve.



Google has agreed to connect Space Axolotls with our android app, showing the book in the app section of the Play Store right under our app listing. This can be taken even further.  We are crowd-funding for a premium spot on the Play Store.  Back us and get AI voice-rendering credits to create awesome audiobooks.

And we are not stopping with books.  We are in the process of developing an entire app and  game based on the adventures of Space Axolotls, and we will do the  same for your series, should you decide to create with us.

Home made is the best.  Lets show the world what small people can do!

Write your part of Space Axolotls by signing up and joining the group.  Create collaborative docs and practice your writing through roleplay, or simply by giving and receiving feedback with other users,

If you are a 3d artist, we own thousands of 3d assets and will share them freely for development in Unity, Daz 3d, Blender, Maya, or Unreal Engine.

Get started today.

Disclaimer:  Wikacy allows users to monetize with the following promotions.  The author of this post may earn a commission should you follow any of the recommendations below.  Thank you for visiting us!


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