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Inspiring Young Writers

I can truly say that some of the most amazing things have occurred in my life recently resulted from my desire to write about dog therapy to spread awareness about it. Being invited to presentations as an author in order to share with young writers about my writing, its process, building ideas, and many other aspects has been quite inspiring for me. After being invited to speak to a senior English class of high school students who are writing creatively, I just received another invitation of a similar kind. This aspect of being a writer is amazing because I see it as an incredible responsibility on my part. I can directly influence these young minds in terms of thinking about writing, making it a crucial part of their lives, and deciding about their next writing moves and even where to publish. These initial conversations with teachers who always thank me for accepting an invitation are also amazing. The aspect of connecting with someone I never met before but with whom I already can share a certain common ground is so uplifting. I love seeing sparkles in teachers’ eyes when I tell them what I can share with their students. 

During such presentations, first of all, I always share with young writers the idea of how I became a writer for life, beyond writing for academia. This fact alone can be extremely inspiring for these young people because it shows that we truly become writers for life not because we just want to become writers for life, but because writing is an incredibly authentic and motivational activity and that in order to write for life, we must have a reason to do it. In my case, sharing about dog therapy on social media was so motivational that I thought about how I can write about the topic in a variety of ways, which eventually led to self publishing my first two books. 

Another idea that I try to convey in these talks is that the first book can be born out of very unexpected circumstances. In my case, being on social media and sharing about pet therapy was an opportunity that inspired me to write in a different way, by writing that first book. Many young people are on social media but maybe they don’t consider that what they’re sharing on social media can actually be used and taken much further than that. Therefore, the importance of talking about making connections in our daily lives and taking them further is something I always make a priority when I talk about my own writing journey.

Another thing I share is the process of writing, the process of coming up with ideas, and about ways we can publish our writing. As my own idea about self publishing expands almost daily, I feel that I am obligated to share what I know so far with young writers to open their minds as far as possibilities out there that they really need to know about. In order to be empowered writers, they need to know about many aspects of self publishing and getting their writing to the audience. There is so much knowledge in the area of self publishing and also constantly emerging every day. Whatever I can share with them makes me very happy.

What other aspects of writing do you think are important share to share with young writers?

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  • Daniel

    I love the concept of inspiring kids to write with dogs and dog therapy. So many stories happen everyday with dogs. It is a great way to spark imagination and creativity! Keep going Barb you are doing great.

    • Barbara

      Thanks! I agree! Writing with dogs, for dogs, about dogs, whatever you name it, can turn kids into writers. During those presentations also unexpected things happen. Some of those classes have never welcome a therapy dog so my presentation also serves as a way of encouraging them to invite a therapy dog to the classroom. So there are so many reasons to cherish such meetings!

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