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What is a User-owned Metaverse?

The Wikacy User-Owned Metaverse is a vision for a new media owned and controlled by the people, where the people also reap the benefits.

As the New York Times put it, everyone has tried to stake their claims in the metaverse.  While the term metaverse has become household jargon for gamers and tech-savvy entrepreneurs alike, very few will precede the word with user-owned.

But the only way to have a true metaverse is to give the world entirely to the users who create it, along with the profits.

Our generation has witnessed the rise of social media as well as fictional worlds to profit the wealthy corporations, but none have attempted to build such a world owned by the users.

Until now.

Every single penny earned in this user-owned metaverse is attributed to the user who created the content. Ad-revenue is paid to the creator. Revenue from collaborative novels, apps, and games is paid to all contributors. Each user has the rights to sell direct ads. As awareness grows for this concept, new revenue streams continue to become available. Articles, stories, and even ebooks can be monetized the same as instant articles through integration with established SDKs.

What is a metaverse?

So, what is a metaverse? Simply put, a metaverse is any digital world.  It can be the world created by social media, a game world, or a fictional world.  It can even be a digital version of the real world. It can be art, characters, 3d assets, and even VR experiences.

But it all starts with content, whether in the form of stories, videos, game-streaming, or simply a meme posted to express how you feel.

All of the above are being used by large social media companies to generate billions in profits for the owners of the platforms.  While they may allow creators to earn a small portion, none have been so bold to create a monetary plan which gives it all to the creators.

Again, until now.

We are pioneering a new form of the metaverse, a form which will extend the term to publishing, game development, automations, and filmmaking. But by starting with written stories, we are building the important foundation from which to launch an entire virtual world. And by giving ownership to the users, we are creating not just another profit-scheme, but a world and platform which every user has a vested interest in building and growing.

The conglomerates have already tried to copy our concept.

But not our business model. We are still the only platform built 100% to profit the user.

To bring this home for writers, artists, and creators, let me give you some specific examples to show you how you can benefit from sharing and creating within this new metaverse.

1) Metaverse-based publishing.

If you are a new and aspiring writer, consider for a moment how this new concept of the metaverse can help you achieve your goals.

If you were to go it alone, you will eventually be successful. But if you publish with the Wikacy Metaverse, not only will your books receive premium exposure in the app stores, but you will also be publishing to an existing fan-base which every other member has helped build. Whether your stories are independently created or written to blend with existing worlds, you are reserving the opportunity for future expansion and development within an existing multiverse. Even if you decide to publish completely independent from the metaverse, we encourage you to use your connections within the metaverse to network with artists, developers, and filmmakers to turn your stories into apps and games to build awareness, which has long been a secret weapon in the world of media.

As we build our presence on Google Play Books, we will combine our resources to use the amazing power of the metaverse to reserve premium positions based on the most searched keywords. Check out how our first novel, Space Axolotls, appears below our android app on the mobile version of the playstore. By using the strategic power of metadata from the metaverse, we can achieve maximum exposure across the web and other apps.

Metaverse-based art.

If you are an artist, you probably already understand the benefit of the metaverse. Every writer needs an artist, sometimes many. As stories are published, you can connect with the author to create a long-lasting partnership. Each story is merely the beginning of a new dimension in this world, and it will need concept art, game-environments and assets, and much more. Wikacy charges you no fees for connecting and providing services to other members. You are free to enter your own payment info in any article, profile, or page. We neither track nor record independent sales. This thing is user-owned.

Create in the metaverse.

If you are a creator, aren’t you tired of watching the big apps make billions while you scramble for crumbs which drop from their tables? Do they think likes and follows is money? How about partner with Wikacy to use your influence to grow a platform where you own your portion of the global ad-fund according to your contribution? Not only can you sell your own direct ads, but you can also partner with developers, writers, and artists within your own affiliate-based sales funnels. As you create on Wikacy, you reserve life-long partnerships within the next great form of digital media.

The digital campfire.

The most important thing about the user-owned metaverse is the ability to speak freely without fear of censorship. The world has always had the official story, but if you really want to learn the truth, you would hang out at the campfire. Our dream is to create the world’s digital campfire, where you know there are no special interest groups promoting one type of content over another. And, because you own your content, you know it is not being suppressed or banned for violating some official policy. In Wikacy, you write the policies.

A new media.

As we build this user-owned metaverse, we will, in effect, create a new media owned by the people!

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