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Why Therapy Dogs

You will love my new book on Amazon, The Amazing Power of Therapy Dogs

Do you think therapy dogs are really needed? You probably think they are. But do you know what exactly they do and why what they do can have an incredible impact on well-being of anybody who interacts with therapy dogs?

Reading my book will give you a great idea about what therapy dogs do and how they can impact children and adults. Being able to picture the impact of therapy dogs is critical because once you have a clear idea, you will be able to advocate for more therapy dogs in your schools,  work and other places. You will be able to rationalize the need for a therapy dog team where you work or where you or your child learns.

I wrote this book because my amazing therapy dog inspired me to do it. Seeing how she interacts with school children, how she looks into their eyes, how their stress disappears on their faces and relaxed smiles appear when they touch her soft fur, or when she gives a child a gentle hug, left me with the irresistible idea of spreading awareness about this amazing goodness that dogs possess.

So, do not wait and grab the book to dive into this incredible experience!

Check it out on Amazon/Kindle

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  • Daniel

    I just love looking at Carmel’s face

    • Barbara

      She does have a face, yes. Once, when I was walking with her, a lady (stranger) stopped and said: “Omg this dog has a face!”

      • DragonBane

        Lol… Hey we made a small improvement on the way comments load. Do you like it?

        • Barbara

          I noticed it’s easier for me to reply. I do it mostly on my phone and used to have trouble with replying.

          • Daniel

            Awesome yes always trying to improve it. It’s a work in progress

  • Barbara

    Yes, it always is! Sounds like research in my field.

  • TheWizard

    how do you like the new layout on posts tab? Your images can be any size and look good now:)

  • Barbara

    Looks very good! Working on my next post and will release next week.

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