How long had it been quiet? An hour? Two? She dared not move; her arms and legs aching from the contortion required to hide in such a small space. It was still dark. But quiet. Maybe they were dead. It had been a fairly large explosion. Maybe sleep would help. But she had to pee. And her stomach was empty, though that was nothing new. Just a peek. Could she do it without making too much noise?

She bent her arms for leverage. The pins and needles of paralysis danced through her muscles as she pushed through the opening. She caught a glimpse of her hand. So strange. How long had she had this body? She could think up images that were and yet were not now, as if she could see backwards through time. Was this memory? She slid from the hole. It was complete luck she had found it in the chaos. She remembered energy…a summoning, gone wrong. They had not been prepared, despite all of their preparation.

She stretched her lower appendages, a sensation of pain slowly lifted. She would have to get used to that. Pain. She looked around. It was still quite dark. Stepping cautiously was difficult. Debris of every size littered what was once a grand hall. Stone and earth had rained from the ceiling. She stepped on a chunk of something that gave. A splitting crunch echoed through the vast gloom.

“..hello?” A voice?! Someone else had survived! Sounds of scuffling and movement came from a far corner. She stayed still, silent.

“Hello? someone there? Please, help me. I’m, I’m under something. I can’t get free.”

This must have been someone from the summoning. His voice was soft. No one else spoke. It was only them. She carefully made her way over.

“Hey, I know we’re all sworn to secrecy here, but please help me. I have a family. I…I think everyone else is dead. Whatever came through that hole…please. Please don’t leave me here.”

The man was indeed caught. His legs and half his upper body were pinned under tons of marble and earth. She stepped closer, her stomach growling.

“Oh, thank god,” he whimpered.

“God? I am no god. God’s do not eat. And I am very, very hungry.”

The man looked up. Even in the gloom he could see her. “Wait…you’re that-that thing! You came through the hole!”

His screams eventually died away, as her grumbling stomach did as well. She would find her way out and explore this new world, and soon it would all be hers.

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